Protecting your investment is important to every homeowner.

Water damage in homes is very real. According to insurance companies 60% of all insurance claims are due to water damage. In Feb 2016 The Guarantee Company of North America introduced a new water mitigation program for GUARANTEE GOLD® clients and brokers: GOLD Watermark. A first of its kind in the Canadian marketplace, GOLD Watermark provides a two-tier program – a complimentary installation of an automatic water shut-off system (AquaTrip®) in the homes of target customers with replacement costs over $3M and access for all customers to the extensive referral network of plumbers and the AquaTrip device at a reduced price.

The AquaTrip is a flow-based device that does not require central monitoring and is designed to automatically shut-off water to the home at the main water supply when a leak, frozen pipe or failed appliance is detected in order to mitigate water damage.

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