It’s time for resolutions that matter!

Make 2016 the year you gift yourself a few minutes of easy home plumbing maintenance to buy you and your family a whole lot of peace of mind! Let Ace Plumbing help you with two or more home plumbing maintenance safety measures or repairs, join our Club Royale and receive $30 off your bill!

  1. Test your home’s main water shut off: Many main water valves become stuck in the open position over time, which could result in up to 20 unwanted gallons per minute pumping into your home in the event of a leak or line break anywhere in the house.
  2. Replace your hot water tank’s sacrificial anode rod: Water is naturally corrosive, so hot water tanks are made with a rod designed to “sacrifice” itself to this naturally corrosive action over time. Regularly changing your anode rod can extend the average life of your hot water tank some 20 years or more.
  3. Replace your furnace filter: We know: you hear this all the time. But just do it. Furnace filters are the lungs of your home heating system, trapping dust and allergens from being circulated through your home. When the filter is clogged, your furnace is starved of air, significantly shortening the life of its motors and components and could lead to premature furnace failure and needed replacement.
  4. Check your toilets for leaks: Toilets are a predictable and preventable source of hidden leaks. A simple dye test can source unnecessary water (and usage cost) waste. While you’re at it, check those shut offs at the back of your toilet to make sure they’re working too.
  5. Take care of your slow drains: Ace Plumbing’s Drain Vision takes all the guess work out of your slow draining sinks, helping you avoid the buildup of a much bigger problem later. Our Aquabrite scrubs slow drains sparkling clean and our Bio Smart keeps sludge from forming over time inside the drain.
  6. Get familiar with your water lines: Keeping an eye on and replacing outdated and at-risk fittings and water lines can save you a bundle of money and a tonne of hassle. Galvanized and Poly-B water lines were popular once, and commonly deteriorate over time. Water line leaks can often start with an almost imperceptible drip inside a home environment where water can evaporate quickly, unnoticed behind walls or in the ceiling.

Let us at Ace Plumbing be your partner in routine maintenance! A few minutes and a few dollars toward your plumbing safety now can be the best new year’s resolution you keep in 2016!