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Wi-Fi / Smart Thermostats in Calgary, AB

The thermostat plays an essential role in an HVAC system, but it’s often taken for granted as a component that always works as well as its supposed to and doesn’t need improvements. Nothing could be farther from the truth. An outdated thermostat has a major impact on the effectiveness and efficiency of heating and cooling systems. Replacing old manual and no-frills digital thermostats with a Wi-Fi thermostat installation, especially one with “smart” capabilities, can make a tremendous difference in your home comfort and energy costs.

A Wi-Fi thermostat replacement or installation is a job for HVAC professionals. Ace Plumbing and Heating has the experts in Calgary, AB to handle these services, and we back up our work with a “Happy Today or You Don’t Pay” promise: if there’s ever a problem with our workmanship, we’ll fix it for free!

Ask us about new thermostats—we fuse comfort with technology! Contact our team today to get started.

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Benefits of a Wi-Fi Thermostat Installation

A manual thermostat that operates with a dial or a slider can get the most basic job done. But even the change to a simple digital thermostat with no programmable features is an improvement in temperature precision. When you move to a programmable thermostat, you have more control over the climate in your home, since you can have the heater, AC, and fan turn on and off at set times, even when you’re away.

But a Wi-Fi thermostat gives you the most control. Using an app on your phone, tablet, or through a connection to the internet, you can manipulate your thermostat from almost anywhere. Turn the heater on half an hour before you get home, or turn the AC off when you’re on a trip if you forgot. You can also read reports from the thermostat monitoring conditions in your home. The convenience and precision of a Wi-Fi thermostat replacement will make a big change in comfort and energy savings.

The Power of the Smart Thermostat

What’s "smart" about a smart thermostat? These types of Wi-Fi thermostats have computer programming that monitors your history of settings as well as conditions in your home in order to develop its own programs. These programs maximize your energy savings in ways you may never have discovered. A smart thermostat makes life easier for you and makes your whole house "climate smart." You’ll be able to see reports on how much you’re saving.

Please leave the installation of any Wi-Fi or smart thermostat to professionals. Attempting to purchase and install a thermostat on your own may end up causing damage to the HVAC system due to a mismatch.

We Offer Wi-Fi Thermostat Repair and More in Calgary, AB

Any device as advanced as a Wi-Fi thermostat must have trained specialists repair it in case of a malfunction. You can trust our courteous and professional HVAC experts to handle any Wi-Fi thermostat repair you might need. We can take care of jobs as simple as recalibrating a thermostat that’s reading incorrect temperatures to larger jobs such as relocating a thermostat picking up false readings from drafts or direct sunlight.

Ace Plumbing and Heating has 45 years of history serving Calgary, AB, and we have more than 13,000 customers. The secret of our success is offering value: exceptional service at competitive prices.

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