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Common AC Repair Needs 

While summer is coming to a close, your AC is still working hard to cool your home until lower temperatures arrive. Your AC may have been put to the test this summer to keep your home cool. That strain can lead to repair needs caused by normal wear and tear. 

Your AC unit has a variety of components that work together to effectively cool your home. When each one is in peak condition, your unit works its best. A single component failure can have rippling effects on your entire air conditioner. If you suspect that you need AC repair in Chestermere, AB, give our team a call. You can review this list of the most common AC repairs that we see. 

Icy Evaporator Coils

Your indoor unit has evaporator coils that work to lower the temperature of the refrigerant that your AC uses to cool the air. When it comes to evaporator coils, there’s cold, and then there’s too cold. If there is ice in your AC’s evaporator coils, that’s a bad sign. Many times the coils become completely frozen and block cool air from being able to circulate through your home. 

Refrigerant leaks often lead to frozen or icy evaporator coils. If you suspect you have a refrigerant leak or any problems with your evaporator coils, give us a call. Our professional team can help fix the problem before it gets worse. 

Buildup on Condenser Coils

Your outdoor unit has condenser coils that work similarly to evaporator coils. However, instead of aiding in cool air, they get rid of warm air. As heat enters your home, your AC unit works to get it out and make room for the cool air you desire. If your condenser coil is covered in dirt and grime, it struggles to remove that warm air. If the warm air is “stuck” for too long, it can lead to your AC breaking down. Regular inspection of these coils can help you prevent any problems. 

Clogged Air Filter

You only have to change your air filter around once per month. But do you always remember? The answer is likely no. It’s easy to forget exactly when you changed the filter last. But leaving a dirty filter in for too long can lead to your AC struggling to pull in clean air. Your air filter is only designed to hold so many contaminants before the air cannot pass through as easily. 

When you change your air filter regularly, you keep your AC unit running efficiently. When the filter is full, some of that dirt begins to pass through and collect in our ductwork and coils. Contaminants then make it into your cooled air, too. 

Problems with Fans

Your AC unit has two fans. One is indoor and it blows the cool air through your ductwork and into your home. The other is outdoor and it blows the hot air out of your home. These fans are some of the most-used components on your AC unit. Wear and tear are very normal. But a single loose screw or bent fan blade can lead to big problems for your unit. Problems with indoor fans can lead to freezing and problems with outdoor fans can lead to overheating. If you suspect a fan problem on your AC unit, we can help.

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