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UV Water Purifiers in Calgary, AB

What is the most concerning pollutant that might get into your water supply? Lead is one that comes to mind quickly because of recent concerns about it. Lead is a serious concern, but perhaps the most harmful waterborne contaminants in a house are the organic ones such as bacteria and viruses. Nothing makes water unhealthier as fast as dangerous bacteria that can seep through groundwater and into pipes.

Ace Plumbing and Heating has many excellent water treatment systems we install—we only work with the best products to provide our customers with value. For handling dangerous organic pollutants in the water, we recommend using a UV water treatment system. Schedule an appointment with us in Calgary, AB to see if ultraviolet water treatment is the solution your home needs.

Work with us and we’ll see you’re “Happy Today or You Don’t Pay!" Contact our team to learn more about our Calgary water treatment systems.

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How Does UV Water Treatment Work?

You may be familiar with ultraviolet treatment in some fashion. Our HVAC technicians often use UV lights as a method to clean the air circulating through a house. UV rays are also used in the medical profession to sterilize equipment and treat diseases. Ultraviolet lights can disrupt the function of cells, either killing them or making them inert. This is why the UV light from the sun can cause your skin to burn, and why sunglasses are sold with UV shielding. But when used in smaller quantities with special lights, UV rays are effective at eliminating microbes, bacteria, mould, and viruses—from the air or from the water.

A UV water purifier consists of ultraviolet lamps positioned where they will bathe all the water entering a house through the water main. The UV radiation kills off all types of organic infestations in the water, but without using any chemicals that might otherwise lower the water quality.

Is an Ultraviolet Water Purifier What My Home Needs?

The only way to know for sure is to work with water quality specialists. Our experts will come to your house and perform water testing to find out what contaminants are affecting your water. If you discover large amounts of bacteria, microbes, or other unwanted organic contaminants, we may recommend an ultraviolet water purifier installation. You only want professionals for this job, and you can trust that we’ll have the best UV water purifier in place to make your water safe.

Ultraviolet Water Treatment and More in Calgary, AB

One of the advantages of UV water purifiers is that they require little maintenance and upkeep. Unlike filters, they don’t need to be regularly cleaned or reenergized. If your UV water treatment system encounters any problems in the future, you only have to call Ace Plumbing and Heating and we’ll handle the repairs. If you’re at all dissatisfied with our work, we’ll correct what we did wrong—free!

We want to be the company you turn to in Calgary, AB for any water quality concern, or any plumbing concern, you may have. We have a "No Lemon" guarantee to protect you from faulty equipment, and we back up our work with a money-back guarantee.

We’ve been serving the greater Calgary area for over 45 years!