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AC Repair near Calgary, AB

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For expert air conditioning repair, you don’t want to forgo a professional contractor. Only a trained and experienced technician can properly match and size a whole-house air conditioner to your specific Calgary area home. 

  • Ace Technicians are specialists in finding the problem and correcting it so you can enjoy the comfort of your home again.
  • Ace Technicians use the right parts. They never re-use old parts from someone else's system to try and repair yours.
  • Ace Technicians will provide you with options so you can make an informed decision.

Ask about our No-Lemon Guarantee! Should any product we supply fail before the end of your warranty period, we’ll repair or replace it for free. If you’ve ever experienced a “lemon,” then you’ll appreciate our commitment to long-term satisfaction! 

For professional and reliable air conditioning repair, contact Ace Plumbing and Heating, where we are “Fusing Technology with Comfort!”

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Central AC Repair

The best central AC, even if it’s had regular maintenance, may malfunction and require professional service. Watch for these warning signs that it’s time to call Ace Plumbing and Heating for central AC repairs:

  • Uneven cooling 
  • AC stops and starts rapidly
  • Unusual noises/loud operation
  • Low airflow from the vents

Our technicians will diagnose the source of the problems and see the issue is fixed permanently. 

Ductless AC Repair

Ductless air conditioning systems can suffer from many of the same malfunctions as central ACs, and their individual air handlers can also malfunction. Our technicians have the skill and knowledge to ensure your ductless mini split system is fixed right. 

Heat Pump Repair

Has your heat pump gotten stuck in heating mode and won’t give you any cool air? This is one of the heat pump problems we can fix. We don’t just fix symptoms, we permanently solve problems. We have skilled technicians on staff 24/7 whenever you need them in Calgary, AB.

We’ve been serving the Calgary area for over 45 years!