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Water Filtration Systems in Calgary, AB

Do you worry that the water you’re getting from your household taps is filled with particles? Simple water filtration pitchers and point-of-use filters on faucets can only help out a little with this problem. The better solution to see that you have the cleanest water possible is to use a whole-house water filtration system. Our professional plumbers are glad to help you select the right home water filtration system to meet your specific needs.

We provide many excellent water treatment systems for clients in the Calgary, AB area, and we only use the best equipment for the job. We back up any installation with a “No Lemon” policy—we don’t just disappear after the work is done! You can always trust us to follow through and make sure you receive the highest quality work possible, and at competitive rates. If you are dissatisfied with our workmanship, we’ll fix what we did wrong at no charge.

Contact our team to arrange for water filtration services in Calgary and the surrounding area. We’ll make you “Happy Today or You Don’t Pay.”

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How to Know You Need Whole-House Water Filters

If you’re thinking about it—you probably do! Water that looks cloudy in glasses or which has an unpleasant metallic taste are strong indications that the water main needs filtration of some kind. The question is what type of whole house water filter is the best one to use.

The quickest way to an answer is to speak to our water treatment professionals and schedule water testing. This is a simple process that takes samples of water from around your house, then runs those samples thorough a barrage of tests. We can give you a rundown of what’s in the water and the best way to remove it. For large particulates such as sand, silt, and sediment, or some chemicals, a home water filtration system may be ideal. The tests may also show us issues with hardness and acidity, and we have treatment systems to deal with these as well.

New Whole-House Water Filtration System Installation

We strongly recommend you work with us for your water filter installation. An amateur may make big promises, but provide inferior workmanship using a poor product. Worst of all, the wrong type of filter installed into your household plumbing can cause water pressure issues and damage to appliances.

Working with us from the beginning will save you time and money. You’ll end up with the best results each time. We understand our customers want value for their money, so we’ll not only aim to give you the best service at competitive prices, we’ll match any other contractor’s lower written price.

Let Us Help You Enjoy Better Water Quality in Calgary, AB

No matter if you need a whole-house water filtration system or a water softener, Ace Plumbing and Heating will locate the ideal water quality solution. It’s guaranteed—we back up all our work with warranties and a "Happy Today or You Don’t Pay" policy, and we will always give you an upfront estimate before starting a job. Working with us is a no-lose situation for you.

We always look out for our clients throughout the Calgary, AB area. Whatever the service we provide, you come first.

We’ve been serving the greater Calgary area for over 45 years!