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Water Heater Services in Calgary, AB

Water heaters are almost universal for homes. The modern plumbing system simply isn’t modern if it doesn’t have a working water heater to send hot water to taps for cooking, cleaning, and showering. Cold mornings in Calgary, AB would be far less pleasant without getting into a hot shower!

Considering all the work a water heater in a home does, it needs to have the best care from professionals. This includes putting in a new unit, making repairs as needed, and routine maintenance. Ace Plumbing and Heating can handle any hot water heater service you may need—including for electric water heaters, gas water heaters, and high efficiency tankless water heaters. We offer guarantees on our work and we’re dedicated to providing our customers with the best value for their money.

See why we’re tops in Calgary! Contact our team to schedule water heater services in Calgary and the surrounding area. “Happy Today or You Don’t Pay!”

Calgary Water Heater Installation Options

A household water heater uses the majority of heating energy in a house because, unlike a home’s furnace or boiler, the water heater will run almost every day of the year, every season of the year. Picking the right water heater for an installation or replacement is essential so you have an energy-saving system working for you all through the year.

The most common type of water heater is the storage tank type, which come in both electric water heater and gas water heater models. We work with all sizes and types of tank water heaters, and we’ll make sure we match your house to the right unit for your needs. We also install tankless water heaters, which can help a home save even more energy and which won’t run out of a supply of hot water.

Water Heater Services—Repairs and Maintenance

With a water heater working all through the year, it will start to develop wear and tear. This may put its operation in jeopardy. If you start to notice the temperature of your hot water dropping, see leaks along the tank, hear strange noises coming from the tank, or anything else that doesn’t seem right, call our technicians. We have 24/7 water heater service available. When you call, you’ll always be connected to a live technician.

You can also trust to us for regular maintenance for your water heater. This is the best way to stop from needing repairs in the first place. You’ll also extend the system life of the water heater and keep its energy efficiency high.

The Water Heater Professionals in Calgary, AB

No matter if you need a new gas water heater installation, an electric water heater replacement, or a tankless water heater repair, you can rely on Ace Plumbing and Heating. Our "No Lemon" policy ensures you won’t end up with a faulty new unit, and our "Happy Today or You Don’t Pay" guarantee means you won’t be trapped with shoddy workmanship. We only hire the best technicians and give them the finest tools. We offer value to our customers, which has helped make us one of Calgary, AB’s number one contractors for plumbing, heating, and cooling!

We’ve been serving the greater Calgary area for over 45 years!

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