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Drain Cleaning and Sewer Cleaning in Calgary, AB

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Drain and sewer cleaning are among the most important jobs a professional plumber can do for your home. A clogged drain may seem like a minimal problem, but to avoid the problem in the future you need a qualified professional with the right tools and experience for the job. 

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We are proud of the quality sewer drain cleaning services we provide throughout the Calgary, AB area and beyond. Our trained professionals have the hydro-jetting tools, motorized drain augers and other tools needed to get the job done right. 

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The Power of Regular Drain Cleaning

You probably think you only need to call a plumbing professional for drain cleaning when it’s time to unclog a drain. That’s definitely one reason to hire our team for sink drain cleaning, shower drain cleaning, or any other household drain. But we want you to enjoy convenient and worry-free plumbing around the year, which is why we recommend you schedule drain cleaning as a routine maintenance service.

When we come to your house for routine drain cleaning, we’ll use hydro-jetting methods to provide a thorough scouring of the insides of the drains. Hydro-jetting removes all the debris inside the pipe line, making it hard for build-up to come back. If you keep up with annual cleaning, you’ll rarely run into any clogs or slow drains in the future. Your drains will last longer as well.

Move Fast When You Need Sewer Line Cleaning

The sewer line runs under your property and carries the collected waste from all the drains to the municipal sewer line. If this pipe becomes congested, it will start to cause drain stoppages all around the home, bad odours in your living space, and eventually sewage backflow. You want to stop this if possible—and it is possible thanks to our professional sewer drain cleaning. Using larger hydro-jetting equipment, our experts will clean the entire length of the pipeline and give you back a pleasant house and working plumbing system.

No Drain or Sewer Left Uncleaned in Calgary, AB Thanks to Us

Whether you need a specific drain unclogged, like sink drain cleaning or shower drain cleaning, or you’re looking for a complete job to scour out the sewer line and all the drainpipes in your home, entrust the work to Ace Plumbing and Heating. We’re one of the most reliable and respected plumbing contractors in the area, and we’ve won the Top Choice Award Winner for The Best Plumbers in Calgary, AB two years in a row. You always come first with us—we’re committed to your satisfaction and will never take shortcuts. All our technicians are trained and background-checked so you’ll feel comfortable and safe in your own home.

We’ve been serving the Calgary area for over 45 years!