What Is Hard Water and Why Is It a Problem?

February 6th, 2023

If your home has hard water, it means that your water has high mineral content. Your water may have higher or lower mineral content. The more minerals that are present, the worse the water is for your home. In Canada, the highest concentration of hard water is in Ontario, but that doesn’t mean our area is not affected to some degree as well. 

Keep in mind that many people don’t think hard water has a taste, and it is not necessarily bad for your health. But hard water can stain your faucets and sinks, and damage your plumbing. If you suspect that you have hard water, you may need help from expert Okotoks plumbers – and that’s us! Keep reading to learn how you can address hard water and protect your home’s plumbing. 

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How to Boost Your Heating Efficiency

January 23rd, 2023

As the coldest days of winter set in, you may be more determined than ever to maintain a lower energy bill and boost your heating efficiency. Fortunately, it’s very easy to boost the energy efficiency of a heater if you know what steps to take. 

If you use heating in Calgary, our team is here to help. You are welcome to give us a call with any questions you have about heating or have us come out and do an inspection. You can also read our tips below for improving the energy efficiency of your heater and making tweaks to your habits.

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What Are The Qualities of a Great Plumber?

January 9th, 2023
Technician servicing an hot-water heater

If your home has a plumbing problem, you want an expert to fix it. But doing a search online is not enough to find a plumbing expert. You can easily find dozens of results with plumbers in your area who claim to be experts. 

How do you choose the right person for the job? Well, if you need a plumber in Calgary, you could start by calling us. But if you’re wondering what the qualities of a great plumber are, you can keep reading and do your own research to learn more.

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Why Is My Water Heater Rumbling?

December 26th, 2022
Technician servicing an hot-water heater

If you have a water heater, it’s going to make some sounds while it operates. While most of the sounds are quiet, your water heater will never be completely silent. With this in mind, you should also never hear loud or surprising sounds coming from your water heater. No matter how big or small your water heater is, there should never be rumbling.

If your water heater does begin to rumble, it’s time for a water heater check-up. Our team can come out and determine the cause of the sound as well as fix it to prevent any future damage. If your hot water tank in Chestermere is making unusual sounds, give us a call. In the meantime, keep reading to learn more about why your water heater might be rumbling so that you understand what’s going on.

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Water Heater Installation: Tank or Tankless?

December 12th, 2022
Technician servicing an hot-water heater

Sooner or later it will be time to invest in a new water heater for your home. Tank water heaters used to be the only option for homeowners, but now tankless water heaters are gaining popularity. Before you choose one type or the other, it’s important to understand the pros and cons of each water heater. 

Tankless water heaters do offer an impressive list of benefits, but that doesn’t mean it’s the right choice for your home and family. If you’re interested in a tankless water heater, our experts can visit your home for a free consultation to help you understand the installation process.

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Call an Emergency Plumber If…

November 28th, 2022

You’ve faced plumbing problems before, and you may prefer to try DIY fixes before making the call to a plumber. But do you know when a plumbing problem is bad enough to qualify as an emergency? You don’t have to be standing in a puddle of water for your leak or another issue to be an emergency situation.

In fact, there are quite a few reasons that you’d want to call an emergency plumber to come to take a look at your home. Whether your plumbing problem is big or small, when you need an emergency plumber in Calgary, our team is here to help. If you’re not sure what requires a call to an emergency plumber, just keep reading to learn more.

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Vote For Ace!

November 21st, 2022

It’s that time of year again! The Top Choice Awards are open and we’re a nominee. That’s right, Ace Plumbing has been nominated for a Top Choice Award, competing for Top Choice Plumbing Services of 2023 in Calgary.

If you think we fit the bill, then vote for us today!


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The Power of Professional Drain Cleaning

November 14th, 2022

The plumbing in your home is designed to last for nearly an entire lifetime, but that doesn’t exempt it from problems here and there. And drain clogs are perhaps the most common plumbing problem that our technicians run into. If you’ve ever had a drain clog, you may have attempted to fix it yourself. But have you ever considered scheduling a professional drain cleaning? 

If you have persistent drain clogs, they may require more than just your hardware store solutions. Especially when you consider that there may be a bigger problem that needs to be addressed. If you have a stubborn drain clog and need 24-hour plumbing in Calgary, AB, our team can help. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of professional drain cleaning. 

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What to Know About Your Water Heater’s Sacrificial Anode Rod

October 17th, 2022

Have you ever heard of a sacrificial anode rod? Most homeowners have no clue what it is, but the sacrificial anode rod is a very important part of your water heater. While it’s not a topic you discuss around the dinner table, it is something interesting that you might like to learn more about.

After all, your water heater has an important job in your home. And the more you know about it, the better you understand how it works. When you know how your water heater works, you can identify problems faster when something goes wrong. If you need Calgary water heater services, our team can help. 

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Why Furnace Maintenance Is Vital

October 3rd, 2022

Fall is here and winter is around the corner. Soon your furnace will be running around the clock to warm your home and keep your family comfortable. But before you put that much strain on your system, you need to invest in furnace maintenance to ensure that your unit is working its best all season long

If you’ve never had furnace maintenance, you may be wondering what the big deal is. You’ve gotten away with not needing furnace service in Chestermere, AB for this long. Why schedule it now? Well, there are many reasons. The most important one is taking care of your furnace so it will last for a long time to come. But there are other benefits, too. 

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