Regular Drain Cleaning Benefits

February 19th, 2024

Drain clogs don’t just pop up overnight. They develop very slowly over time. First, a few particles cling to the insides of your pipes. Then these particles attract more and more until a clog is big enough to block water flow in your drains. 

Regular drain cleaning is the best way to stay ahead of tough clogs and prevent them from ever happening in the first place. You can give our team a call to schedule your drain cleaning service today. In the meantime, you can keep reading to learn more about the benefits of investing in regular drain cleaning.

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Sump Pump Maintenance! Here Is The Best Advice!

February 12th, 2024
Image of Jack De Vetten the Professer of Plumbing talkingon sump pump maintenance

As always Jack DeVetten, the Professor of Plumbing has the best advice on sump pump maintenance for homeowners! Not sure what a sump pump is or why it is the basement to begin with? You have come to the right place. The sump pump is the first line of defence in your home against basement floods. The sump pump keeps water damage out of your house. And it maintains the integrity of the foundation in your home. But, like anything mechanical, it needs proper maintenance to be efficient.

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How to Choose an HVAC Contractor

February 5th, 2024

We know that you have many options when it comes to partnering with an HVAC contractor for home services. Just doing a quick search online will return tons of results for our immediate area. How do you know who to partner with for your HVAC needs?

Here at Ace, you’re going to experience a service difference that is unmatched. You can give us a call anytime you need HVAC service in Langdon, AB, and we will be here to help. Keep reading to learn more about the factors that set our team apart from the competition.

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Scary Water Shortage! Save The Snowpack! Action Needed Now!

January 29th, 2024
Image of Jack De Vetten the professer of plumbing talking about the coming scary water shortage

Scary Water Shortage!

Today, Jack Devetten, The Professor of Plumbing, is addressing three issues that are showing up in the media daily. He is going give insights about the coming scary water shortage and explain the consequences unless we all do our part to help save the snowpack and glaciers.

This has been made clear on the news, on social media, and in government agencies. All talking climate change, drought, and a looming water shortage crisis. Those of us who have lived in the Calgary area for a long time can agree that the amount of snow accumulation in the higher elevations of the mountains is significantly less. And that the snow seems to disappear more quickly and much sooner than before.

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3 Signs Something Is Wrong with Your Furnace

January 22nd, 2024

Sometimes the signs of furnace problems are obvious and easy to identify. But other times, furnace problems are quieter and less ominous. It is important that you understand the various signs that something could be wrong with your furnace so you can identify them when they begin happening.

When you need furnace repair in Langdon, AB, you can give our team a call to schedule service. In the meantime, you can keep reading to learn more about some of the common signs that can indicate your furnace is beginning to have problems. Calling to schedule service sooner rather than later can be the difference between a cheaper repair bill versus a complete system breakdown.

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Soft Water is Boring. It’s Easy to Get Excited!

January 15th, 2024
Image of Jack De Vetten the professer of plumbing talking about soft water.

Soft Water is Boring? Not Really

When you hear soft water is boring, you might raise an eyebrow. So what is thrilling about water, especially the soft kind? Here again is Jack De Vetten, the Professor of Plumbing with some insights into the world of soft and conditioned water. Soft water free from minerals like calcium and magnesium often does not get the spotlight. But here is the twist. There is a world of excitement hidden in this boring topic.

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Why You Shouldn’t DIY Install a Water Heater

January 8th, 2024

There are many home projects that you can complete by searching online for DIY tutorials. However, a water heater installation is not one of those projects. Water heaters require highly specialized care, and there are many steps to removing your old water heater and installing a new one correctly.

If it’s time for a new water heater installation in Calgary, AB for your family, give our team a call. We can walk you through your water heater options and then complete installation for you. You can keep reading to learn more about why you don’t want to install a water heater without hiring a plumbing professional.

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Sewer Backup. Expert Advice You Need to Know

January 1st, 2024
Image of Jack, The Professer of Plumbing giving sewer backup advice.

A Sewer Backup and Navigating the Storm

Imagine waking up to the distressing reality of a sewer backup in your basement. It is an experience that can send anyone into a state of panic. Jack, Professor of Plumbing at Ace Plumbing and Heating in Calgary, understands what you are going through. He is here to guide you through this crisis with some professional advice.

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Tips on Winterizing Your Pipes for Winter

December 25th, 2023

One of the best things you can do for your home ahead of winter is winterizing your plumbing system. Frozen pipes are a problem you never want to deal with. Aside from the inconvenience of not being able to access water, you also risk pipes bursting as the frozen water expands. Luckily, it’s something you can prevent entirely.

You just need the help of an expert plumber in Okotoks, AB. No matter what your plumbing needs, from help winterizing your home to addressing frozen pipes if they do happen, we are here to help. You can keep reading for tips on winterizing your home’s plumbing system to prevent frozen pipes as temperatures drop.

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Christmas Hot Water Spoiler. How to Avoid One

December 18th, 2023

An image of a Christmas hot water spoiler card greeting from the Professor of Plumbing in the shape of a  Christmas wreath.

This is a Christmas hot water spoiler story. It’s Christmas Eve, and your home is buzzing with excitement and the warm glow of Christmas lights. Relatives from near and far have gathered, filling the home with laughter and festive cheer. But as the evening wears on, a chilling discovery is made. The water tank has malfunctioned, leaving everyone with the prospect of cold showers on Christmas Day.

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