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Indoor Air Quality Services in Calgary, AB

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A decent HVAC contractor isn’t just concerned with helping Calgary area homeowners simply heat and cool their space, we know that the indoor air quality of your household is essential to overall comfort and health as well. 

  • Ace Plumbing and Heating Has Served the Calgary Area for Over 45 Years! 
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We look forward to serving you with friendly and courteous service, whether you’re looking to improve your air filtration and air purifier services, or want to explore the installation of an energy recovery or heat recovery ventilator—we do it all! 

For your indoor air quality needs, contact the team who is “Fusing Technology with Comfort!”


Air Filtration and Purification Systems

Air quality systems range from basic air filters to advanced air purifiers. Your home will probably require a combination of mechanical filters and air purifiers to provide the air cleaning you need. The right strength of air filter catches the larger particles, and the air purifier then draws out the smaller contaminants (such as odour molecules, smoke, and chemicals) from the air and traps them. Our skilled technicians will see you have the right combination.

We also work with UV air purifiers, which are useful for combating the spread of germs and viruses around a house. They work to prevent and destroy mould as well.

Balancing Humidity in Your House

The relative humidity in a house can have a major effect if it’s too dry (under 30%) or too humid (over 60%). Relative humidity around 45% is ideal for most homes, but this can change rapidly during winter, when the air turns dry, and summer, when moisture levels spike. Imbalanced humidity decreases comfort, puts more work on the HVAC system, and can lead to multiple health concerns.

The best way to balance humidity is to arrange for whole-house humidifier and/or whole-house dehumidifier installation with our technicians. These systems are much more powerful and precise than portable units that only affect one room at a time. With whole-house systems, you’ll have exact control over humidity levels all through the house, and it will be correctly integrated into the ventilation system.

Other Options for Air Quality Systems in Calgary, AB

We use the best products for all the jobs we perform, so you can count on us to find the ideal IAQ solutions for your home in Calgary, AB. For example, if you would like fresh air circulation in your house, but don’t want to bring in cold or hot outside air, we can install a heat or energy recovery ventilator. Ask us about other options, and we’ll help make a great choice for your house.

Ace Plumbing and Heating has been in business for 45 years and we have more than 13,000 customers thanks to our focus on satisfaction. With our "No Lemon" and "Happy Today or You Don’t Pay" policies, working with us is a no-lose situation.

We’ve been serving the Calgary area for over 45 years!