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Video Pipe Inspection Services in Calgary, AB

Once upon a time, it was difficult for even the best plumbers to find out exactly where a pipe leak was located, or to know what specific problems in a drain or sewer line they needed to address. They had to use their training and make a best guess. If that didn’t work, they would take a different approach until the problem was solved.

The technology available to plumbers today takes out the guesswork and lets them get jobs done correctly the first time. One of the vital tools of the modern plumber is video pipe inspection equipment. Ace Plumbing and Heating is proud to have the most advanced plumbing devices in Calgary, AB so we can bring our customers the satisfaction they expect. Call us when you have plumbing needs that only the best technicians with the right tools can take care of. If we don’t match your expectations, we’ll make it right at no charge to you.

We promise to make you “Happy Today or You Don’t Pay!" Contact our team to learn more about our Calgary video pipe inspection services.

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How Video Camera Inspection Works

Video pipe inspection services are done using digital cameras, LED lights, and fibre optic cables. Before the invention of this technology, plumbers couldn’t know what the interior of drains and water lines were like. But with a miniaturized digital camera mounted on a long fibre optic cable, a plumbing technician can have a clear view of the entire length of pipeline. The technician only has to insert the camera and its LED light down into a drain or a cleanout, and the camera sends back clear images to a monitor.

The plumbing technician can use this information to quickly discover problems inside pipes, such as what kind of clog is blocking up a drain, or where there is a leak inside a water line. The technician can record the images to show to a customer, and then use the inspection equipment after a job is done to show that it was completed correctly.

Drain Cleaning and Pipe Repair—Done Right the First Time

We are focused on complete customer satisfaction, so video camera inspection is a vital part of our job. For example, if you schedule drain cleaning with us, we can use the images from the video cameras to find out what type of build-up is on the inside of your pipes and how extensive it is. We can then decide on the right pressure to use and the directional nozzles that will give us the best scouring coverage. When we’re done, we can show you how clean your drains are now.

It’s the same for fixing leaks. We’ll pinpoint the exact location of a leaking pipe so we can reach it with minimal damage to building material. We don’t have to make educated guesses—we’ll get right to the repair job and do it right.

You Come First With Us in Calgary, AB

Video pipe inspections are only one of the excellent tools we use when it comes to delivering quality plumbing service at competitive prices. We have served homeowners in Calgary, AB for 45 years—and we attribute our success to always putting the customer first. We back up our work and our workers because we know they always strive to deliver the best work. No shortcuts, no shoddy equipment! You can always count on the team at Ace Plumbing and Heating for professional advice and accurate estimates.

We’ve been serving the greater Calgary area for over 45 years!