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Sewer Line Services in Calgary, AB

No homeowner wants to think about, or deal with, the sewer line running from their house to the municipal sewer system. And that’s just as it should be: when it comes to issues such as a sewer replacement or sewer pipe repair, only a skilled and licensed plumbing expert should do the work. If you suspect your household sewer line is in trouble, pick up the phone and call the team at Ace Plumbing and Heating to schedule the work. We’ll get it done, fast and right. Guaranteed!

We have a long history serving the Calgary, AB area with excellent plumbing work, and we use the best in trenchless technology for sewer line replacement and sewer repair. We are confident in the skill and dedication of our technicians, so if you aren’t satisfied with their workmanship, they’ll fix what they did wrong at no charge to you. We also offer solid warranties and 24-hour emergency service.

We’ll make you “Happy Today or You Don’t Pay!" Contact our team to schedule sewer line services in Calgary, AB and the surrounding area.

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Sewer Pipe Repair Is a Professional’s Job

You’ve noticed foul-smelling patches on your yard, sewer odours from your drains, or drains around the house clogging regularly. These are all indications that you need sewer repair of some kind. Having this done is much easier than you may imagine: you only have to get in touch with us. We’ll use advanced technology such as video pipe inspection equipment to find out exactly what’s wrong so we know what must be done to fix it. If you allow a contractor without the tools or the dedication necessary to do the best job, you may end up with a sewer line in even worse shape! When you rely on us, we’ll have the work done correctly the first time.

What About a Full Sewer Line Replacement?

Yes, sometimes a home may need to have the entire length of the sewer line replaced with a new one. Older homes have outdated materials for sewer pipes, such as cast iron, galvanized steel, or even clay. These materials call for an entire sewer replacement.

If you think this sounds like an immense job, you’re right. But it’s a job we have handled often, and we use trenchless technology to make it faster and cleaner. We’ll give you an upfront estimate on the work as well as any advice you need about the service. All of our plumbing technicians are committed to seeing you are 100% satisfied. You’ll appreciate this dedication when it comes to something as vital as your home’s sewer line.

Complete Sewer Services for the Calgary, AB Area

We were the Top Choice Award Winner for The Best Plumbers in Calgary, AB for two years in a row because we are never satisfied with doing a job that’s only "good enough." Taking care of the sewer lines for homes is an essential job that can’t be done on the cheap the way some contractors may. We never want you stuck with inferior workmanship on any job, but especially not sewer line repair and replacement. Trust to Ace Plumbing and Heating and we’ll always put your needs first.

We’ve been serving the greater Calgary area for over 45 years!