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Furnace Services in Calgary, AB

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No other type of home heating system has as long a history or is as popular as the furnace. From the days of wood-burning stoves to the modern high-efficiency gas furnaces, they’ve become the reliable go-to. But yours can only stay reliable and safe with professional care from a team like ours. 

  • Just like every home, every installation is different. That’s why it's important to have a certified expert size your equipment and install it. Incorrect sizing and installation create problems that will decrease the life of your equipment and lead to higher heating costs.
  • If you have a heating breakdown you can reach us 24/7 and have a Technician to your home fast.
  • A new furnace or an old furnace and every furnace in-between needs maintenance to prolong its life and to keep it energy efficient. Ace Maintenance plans are customizable to every system. They are the easiest way to keep on top of maintenance.

Today’s gas furnaces and electric furnaces alike are powerful and reliable, so long as they get the finest furnace service around from experienced HVAC professionals. 

Contact Ace Plumbing and Heating today for your furnace services, where we are “Fusing Technology with Comfort!”


Furnace Installation

Why count on Ace Plumbing and Heating for your furnace installation? In addition to ensuring that the job is done right, you can count on our "No-Lemon Guarantee" which ensures that your system will be repaired or removed and replaced at no cost to you if it malfunctions or fails three times after installation, within your warranty period. 

Furnace Repair

You only want professionals you can rely on to fix your furnace. You can trust us to always get any furnace repair job done right: we don’t just patch up the symptoms of a malfunctioning heater, we deliver permanent fixes to the core problem. And we back up our repairs so that if you’re not satisfied, we’ll do the work until you are. 

Furnace Maintenance

Winters in Calgary, AB place immense strain on any furnace. This makes it critical that your furnace receives annual care from the top people in the business. We’ll see that your furnace has the tune-ups and inspections necessary for it to work safely, effectively, and at high energy efficiency for many years. 

Furnace Tune-Ups for Years of Warmth in Calgary, AB

The strain on a furnace from even a single winter in Calgary, AB takes a toll. To prevent age from getting a hold on your valuable heating system, have a professional give your furnace a maintenance inspection and tune-up each year. Our technicians will do a thorough job of examining your furnace, looking for potential trouble spots or anything that could be unsafe, and doing all the cleaning and adjusting needed for dependable performance. Expect fewer repairs and years of heating when you have regular maintenance.

Call us today and ask about membership in our Club Royal Program to care for your HVAC and plumbing.

We’ve been serving the Calgary area for over 45 years!