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Gas Piping Services in Calgary, AB

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Professional residential plumbing services are not just for carrying freshwater or wastewater to or from your home. Only an experienced, licensed gasfitter can provide services in your Calgary area home. 

  • Certified gas fitters, mean any work on gas appliances including water heaters, furnaces, ranges, unit heaters will be done safely and to gas code.
  • Because we have served Calgarians for 45 years we know Calgary homes and have seen every kind of residential gas installation.
  • We can get a certified technician to your home 24/7 so you can rest assured there is a qualified technician working in your home.

We are your full-service plumbing contractor, working on all types of gas pipes and gas lines, including flexible gas lines. Turn to us for accurate estimates and the best advice regarding your options for natural gas. 

We promise you’ll be “Happy Today or You Don’t Pay” when you contact us for your gas piping services!


Benefits of Expanding Natural Gas Use in Your House

Natural gas is one of the best ways to provide heating energy to a house. Gas-powered furnaces deliver high levels of heat to overcome with rough winters, and any chef will tell you the huge advantages of gas stoves and ranges. There are even gas-powered laundry machines. Because natural gas is less costly than electricity, these appliances will run up lower utility bills, and natural gas burns cleanly. It’s also domestically produced.

If you want to expand the ways your home uses natural gas, such as installing new fixtures in the kitchen, speak to our gas piping professionals to find out about what they can do for you.

Why Professionals Must Work on Natural Gas Piping

Homeowners often think of plumbing as something they can work on themselves with only a few tools and some tips from the internet. This is rarely true, but there are a few simple plumbing tasks that can be done DIY. However, there are no gas piping services a non-licensed professional can handle. In fact, in most jurisdictions it is illegal for anyone who isn’t licensed to work on a gas line or any appliance connected to one.

The risks of amateur work on gas lines can be catastrophic. Even a simple mistake can create gas leaks and combustion dangers. It can also lead to carbon monoxide exposure. Never take these chances in your house—call our experts and they’ll ensure the job is done to meet the highest standards of quality and safety.

All Your Gas Piping Needs in Calgary, AB

Whether you need to have new flexible gas lines installed for a gas-powered laundry machine or you suspect a leak along the piping, you can trust Ace Plumbing and Heating for great work at competitive prices. We can do all this and our worked is backed as well. We back up our installations with 1 to 2-year parts and labour warranties with options for extended warranties to prolong the life of the equipment. This stands out when compared to a 1-year parts warranty or 2-year labour warranty. With more than 45 years serving Calgary, AB, we have the experience necessary to do each job right. We never cut corners, and you can always reach us—24 hours a day, 7 days a week—when you require emergency services.

We’ve been serving the Calgary area for over 45 years!