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Water Testing in Calgary, AB

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Homeowners in Calgary and beyond are more concerned these days with the quality of the water entering their homes. This is why professional water testing services are essential, and you need a trusted resource for such a job, like the team here at Ace Plumbing and Heating. 

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Even with extensive municipal water treatment, the freshwater sent to residential buildings can pick up numerous pollutants and contaminants through the pipes and groundwater. Water testing will pinpoint where in your home this needs to be addressed, and how. 

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When to Schedule Water Testing

In some cases, the need to call us for drinking water testing will be obvious: cloudy water or other water discoloration, strong odours from the water, or a rise in illness in your home you think might be connected to bacteria in the water. Never hesitate to arrange for drinking water testing in these cases.

However, we also recommend you arrange for water quality testing every few years, even if you don’t see warning signs of problems. Many water quality issues don’t create obvious signs of issues at first. If you’ve never had water quality testing done for your house, we advise having it done as a precaution—and then having it done every few years afterwards.

If you draw your water from a well rather than a municipal system, water testing should be done every year. Well water testing is essential because this water doesn’t pass through a municipal treatment plant first, making well-treatment systems vital to protect your household from pollutants due to ground seepage. We’re glad to handle your regular well water testing needs.

What You’ll Learn From Water Testing

The actual testing part in your house doesn’t take long: our experts will retrieve water from different locations in your house to get a representative sample. This then goes to a lab for extensive tests to look for alkalinity, acidity, hardness, heavy metals, pesticides, sulphurous oxides, and more.

When the lab results come back to us, our water treatment system experts will go over the findings. They can explain to you where you may have harmful particulates or chemicals. They’ll also tell you what treatment system they can install to combat them.

Well Water and Drinking Water Testing in Calgary, AB

The technicians at Ace Plumbing and Heating don’t try to fix symptoms of problems in your home. They aim to fix the actual problem! Schedule water quality testing with us in Calgary, AB means you’ll end up with true solutions to whatever water contaminants we discover. We can install a wide range of water treatment systems, from filters and purifiers to water conditioners and water softeners.

All our work is backed up with guarantees—if you’re unsatisfied with our workmanship, we’ll correct what we did wrong at no charge to you. We’re respectful and courteous, and always make you feel comfortable in your own home.

We’ve been serving the Calgary area for over 45 years!