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How to Choose an HVAC Contractor

We know that you have many options when it comes to partnering with an HVAC contractor for home services. Just doing a quick search online will return tons of results for our immediate area. How do you know who to partner with for your HVAC needs?

Here at Ace, you’re going to experience a service difference that is unmatched. You can give us a call anytime you need HVAC service in Langdon, AB, and we will be here to help. Keep reading to learn more about the factors that set our team apart from the competition.


First, you want to consider the overall reputation of a business or individual contractor. Anyone can make claims that they are the best. But does their reputation back that up? Do a search online for customer reviews and see what you find. Remember, no one is perfect, and there’s bound to be a dissatisfied customer here or there. 

But if the reviews are strong overall, that’s a good sign. You especially want to pay attention to how a contractor or business responds to complaints. Do they sympathize with their customers and apologize for any mistakes, also offering to make it right? Is their online presence professional? This can help you choose.

Pricing and Financing Options

You also want to consider service pricing structures and financing options. Any contractor that charges significantly more or less than other businesses in the area should be considered a red flag. No two contractors will charge the exact same amount for any service, but there should be a reasonable range for similar services.

Plus, any contractor should be able to get you the prices for parts needed to make an installation or repair, along with their hourly rate and any other fees. There should be a clear expectation of what the cost is to complete any project for you before it begins. 

It’s also great if a contractor has options for financing. After all, HVAC projects can be very expensive. When you have to make an unexpected repair or installation, having the ability to finance the project can make a big difference.

Affiliations and Certifications

Perhaps the most important thing to consider when selecting an HVAC contractor is their education and affiliations. Contractors need to have the proper certifications that qualify them to work on heaters and air conditioners. If a contractor cannot provide proof of their qualifications, that’s a big red flag. 

It’s also great if a contractor or business has affiliations with professional organizations in their field, local chambers of commerce, and even accreditation organizations such as the Better Business Bureau. Professional affiliations provide some backing that the contractor is doing business legitimately.

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