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New Furnace & Sailboat Link—Here is the Unlikely Similarity

Get Affordable Furnace Tune-ups. With Guaranteed Results Now

Hi, Jack Devetten, the Professor of Plumbing here with Ace Plumbing and Heating in Calgary. The Sailboat and a furnace have more in common than you think. But first, did you know in my free time, I am the captain of this ship? I love to spend time out on the open waters of a calm lake on a nice summer day. With a cool breeze at my back. All is well on my well-maintained boat. Clearly, to stay afloat, instruments and all components on this vessel must be in tip-top shape. Because the alternative usually does not end well. 

Image of a sailboat cruising on a blue water lake with a hill and trees in the background.

But the same line of thinking also goes for the invisible hero in the basement of your home. Your furnace is the most neglected appliance next to the hot water heater  you rely on in the winter. Especially when it is -42 plus a light wind. 

Furthermore, as a plumbing and heating contractor, I have seen the role a furnace has when it comes to the safety and comfort in a home. While homeowners often prioritize the visible plumbing fixtures, the hidden furnace runs tirelessly behind the scenes. So, what happens when this hero starts faltering? Actually, the answer lies in regular furnace tune-ups. 

Image of a sinking sailboat on a lake with trees in the background.

Let’s take a tour of your furnace and drill down into the many benefits of this essential service.

Think of your furnace as a car. Like a well-maintained car that runs smoothly and efficiently. A tuned-up furnace operates at peak efficiency. Ace Plumbing and Heating expert technicians ensure the furnace distributes heat evenly and responds promptly to thermostat changes. The result? A warm home, cozy and free from cold spots.

Increased Efficiency and Performance:

Extends the Lifespan of the Furnace:

A furnace is a significant investment for any homeowner. Naturally, you would want it to last as long as possible. The lifespan of a furnace averages out at 8 to 12 years. By addressing minor issues before they escalate, will keep all components are in top condition. Consequently extending the life of the furnace by several years. At any rate, a tune-up once a year prevents the need for a costly replacement.

Reduction in Energy Bills:

An inefficient furnace does not just compromise comfort, it burns a hole in your pocket. A furnace struggles due to clogged filters, wear and tear, and failing components. Consequently consumes more energy to produce the right amount of heat. On the other hand, a furnace tune-up will restore its efficiency and save money. Providing tangible energy savings over time. These savings can offset the cost of the tune-up itself.

Protecting the Environment:

Keeping up with regular maintenance keeps the furnace out of the landfill and reduce your carbon footprint. Obviously a win, win, for everyone.

Ensuring Safety and Preventing Carbon Monoxide Leaks:

Completely built with safety in mind. The furnace is not immune to failure. One of the deadliest risks associated with a malfunctioning furnace is carbon monoxide. A colourless, odourless gas that can have fatal consequences. Ace Plumbing and Heating technicians inspect the furnace for signs of leaks or potential hazards. Ensuring your home remains safe.

Image of blue flames of a clean burning

So, what’s included in our furnace tune-up?

So, let me show you a breakdown of our exclusive $149 furnace tune-up offer. That being said , our furnace tune-up is without a doubt not just a cursory check. It is a deep dive into every part of your furnace. Making sure every component is in top condition. 

Here is what our service includes:

We go through every part of your furnace, from the heat exchanger to the blower motor, ensuring everything functions perfectly.

Thorough Inspections: 


Dust and debris build up, making the furnace run harder. We clean these out, to get the most airflow and combustion.


Essential moving parts will receive the necessary lubrication, minimizing wear and tear.

Filter Replacement: 

A fresh filter not only provides cleaner air but also better furnace performance. We replace it as part of the tune-up.

Safety Checks: 

More importantly, our team tests safety controls. Making sure the furnace shuts off under unsafe conditions.

Value Comparison to Typical Market Prices:

While others offer similar services. Ace Plumbing and Heating $149 price point is unmatched when considering the depth and the quality of our tune-up. Comparable services in the market often come at a higher price might not be as comprehensive. With the Ace Plumbing and Heating special, Calgary homeowners are assured premium service. Without the premium price tag. Plus, the Happy Today or You Don’t Pay Guarantee.

Why Choose Our Services?

Your furnace is the heart of your home during winter, and it deserves expert care. Here is why our tune-up stands out:

Experienced Technicians: 

Our team of seasoned professionals know furnaces inside and out. They bring years of experience to every tune-up, paying attention to detail.

Customer-Centered Approach: 

We prioritize your comfort and satisfaction. Our technicians will happily answer any questions, providing insights and recommendations tailored to your home.

Transparent Pricing: 

Ace Plumbing and Heating’s $149 special covers everything detailed above, makin sure you get the biggest bang for your dollar. There are no hidden charges or surprises. 

Additionally, as you gear up for the winter. Know that our furnace tune-up special is with your comfort, safety, and budget in mind. It is not just about keeping you warm, it is about your peace of mind. 

Speaking of peace of mind. As a bonus to our furnace tune-up special. Ace Plumbing and Heating is including a hot water heater inspection and tune-up for only $99. The regular stand-alone hot water heater inspection and tune-up price is $349. This is an immediate savings of $250 that stays in your pocket. 

Finally, even though a furnace tune-up might seem like routine maintenance. Its implications for homeowners are wide-reaching. Safeguarding the well-being of your family and enjoying a warm and safe winter. And protect the environment. Nevertheless, the benefits outweigh the costs. So, as the mercury drops, consider giving your furnace the attention it deserves.

Remember, always keep in mind the old Fram oil filter commercial back in the early seventies. “You can pay me now or you can pay me later”. 

Just a thought. The same applies to furnaces.

Schedule your appointment for the Ace Plumbing and Heating $149 furnace tune-up special today!

Keep checking the Ace Plumbing and Heating Blog for more informative plumbing and heating reads. The Professor of Plumbing will keep you posted on the hot and the cold.

Hey, you never know what’s leaking in the plumbing world.

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