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Are Water Filtration Systems Worth It?

We all enjoy a glass of crystal clear drinking water. But often it’s what you can’t see that makes the water coming out of your tap taste funny. Filtered water is a practical way to make sure you’re consuming quality H2O.

There are a variety of ways to get filtered water, be it bottled products or pitcher filters. But the most convenient method at home is water filtration systems. The question is, are they worth it? 

The short answer: almost always.

What Does a Water Filter Do?

The primary function of any water filter is to remove impurities from the water supply. This can include chlorine, lead, and a variety of chemicals found in water sources across Canada. In developed countries, municipal water services typically remove any dangerous levels of contaminants from the drinking water, but remaining impurities can change the flavour and smell of the water you drink daily.

A water filter at home is designed to deliver an extra layer of purity by using osmosis and activated carbon. This can be done in small volumes once water is poured from the tap or with more freedom using a water filtration system.

How Does a Water Filtration System Work? 

A water filtration system removes impurities with physical and chemical processes. Sediment and larger particles are filtered with physical barriers that still allow water to pass through. As water enters chambers containing activated carbon, most impurities are removed using chemical absorption. 

Because your home’s plumbing is pressurized, an installed water filtration system can use reverse osmosis to further purify your water. And since this type of filtration system is directly integrated into your plumbing, water that comes out of the tap will already be treated and is ready for drinking or cooking.

Benefits of a Water Filtration System

There are lots of reasons that a professionally installed water filtration system might be the best solution for your home. The least among them is an improved quality of life. The peace of mind that comes with having safe drinking water available 24/7 in your home is immense. But there are other benefits as well.

Drinking Pure Water, Right From the Faucet

If we’re talking about convenience, you simply can’t beat an installed filtration system for getting purified H2O. It flows directly out of the faucet and into your glass, pot, or water bottle. No waiting for water to trickle through a filter and no fumbling around with lids, caps, or containers.

When you’re extra thirsty or on the go, there’s no better alternative to filtered water coming straight from the tap.

Doing Your Part for the Environment

All those plastic bottles that transport water are just the beginning when it comes to a negative environmental impact. The energy required to produce bottled water is estimated at 2000 times that of tap water. A filtration system in your home that uses your existing plumbing in the purifying process is a small way that you can reduce your carbon footprint.

Getting back to the plastic bottles themselves, some organizations in Canada estimate that only 14% of these plastic vessels actually get recycled. By using water directly sourced from your municipality’s supply and by using a reusable water bottle or glassware in your home, you’re doing your part to keep plastic out of the environment.

Staying Hydrated at Home

A fringe benefit of installing a water filtration system: it’s easier to stay hydrated at home! When you know the water coming right out of the tap is clean and great-tasting, it’s going to make it that much easier to keep yourself hydrated. And you’ll probably find your kids prefer the taste of pure water, too!

Saving You Time & Money

Let’s face it, nobody likes refilling a 6 litre container of water, especially when you’re rushing out the door or trying to manage other things at home. And what if you forget to refill a filtered pitcher? Now you’ve got no drinking water, which is why you bought a water filter in the first place! 

Once you finally do fill the reservoir, you’ve got to wait for the water to pass through the filter, (which takes more than a few minutes)—not great when you’re in a hurry! And how about all those trips to the store to pick up bottled water. All this time adds up when you compare it to fresh, purified drinking water ready to go out of the tap.

Long-Term Cost Benefits

Experts recommend that the average person drinks over 3 litres of freshwater per day.  Purchasing bottled water at this volume could cost you over $1000 annually. The cost of replacing filters in a small, pitcher-style water container can reach almost $100 a year, plus the costs of initial equipment. 

While the upfront investment is more than buying a pitcher filter or a flat of bottled water, over time it’s cost-saving to go with an installed water filtration system. It’s very common for a plumbing-integrated filter to remain effective for over a decade with minimal maintenance. Credible plumbing services will include a warranty with your filtration system, which means you can feel secure about having clean, easy-to-access water for years to come.

So Are They Worth It?

The bottom line is this: if you’re someone who drinks filtered H2O, a water filtration system in your home makes sense. It’s going to save you time and money in the long run and eliminates the constant process of replacing clean water for you and your family.

Get in touch with a professional plumber who can assess your home and provide expectations for installation costs and processes. Once your water filtration system is installed, just turn on the tap and pour yourself a pure, clean glass of H2O.

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