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Avoid a Clogged Drain on Christmas and New Year’s

Plumbing problems are never fun to deal with, but during the holiday season it’s even worse. You already have more going on than usual, and a clogged drain can really put a damper on your holiday spirit. While you may be frustrated, clogged drains are actually very common at this time of the year.

Our team is always here to help, even during the holiday season. We know that plumbing problems don’t sleep and can happen at the most inconvenient times. You can keep reading to learn our tips for preventing dream clogs now and all year long. Then give our team a call if you have a clogged drain in Okotoks, AB.

Invest in Mesh Drain Covers

The best way to prevent a drain clog is by not allowing miscellaneous items to go down your drains. You may not think that a few food particles or soap remnants make a huge difference, but they really do. All it takes is a little something sticking to the side of a pipe for a clog to begin forming. Anything else that goes down your drain will get stuck to those particles until a significant clog forms.

Even though your drains probably have covers, those covers do have fairly large holes that can allow things into your plumbing system. A mesh drain cover is made of a much finer wire design that captures almost everything. It’s as easy as removing the mesh drain cover when you’re done using a sink, wiping it out to throw away what it caught and then replacing it again.

Skip Chemical Drain Cleaners

If you really want to avoid a clog, skip the chemical drain cleaners that you find at hardware stores. We know, this may seem counterintuitive. Aren’t those chemicals specifically designed to break down drain clogs? While they are great at breaking down clogs, they are also damaging your plumbing in the process. 

Plus, these harsh chemicals can actually leave behind a residue that attracts more debris and leads to clogs again in the future. Instead of attempting a DIY solution, give our team a call and let us help get rid of clogs completely so you have a fresh start.

Schedule Professional Service

Even if you don’t have clogs yet, it’s a good idea to schedule a professional plumbing tune-up. It’s an opportunity for our team to check all of your plumbing and associated fixtures to make sure everything is working the way it should. 

If we notice anything unusual, like a dripping faucet or slow drain, we can fix those problems so that you can enjoy the rest of the winter season without any plumbing issues. Plus, we may be able to offer usage tips that can help you prevent clogs and other plumbing problems from happening in the future.

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