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Four Reasons to Call for Plumbing Service

Some plumbing problems are easy enough to address that you can attempt a DIY solution. But other plumbing problems require the help of an expert plumbing technician. How do you know the difference? 

We are highlighting some of the reasons that you should call a professional and explaining why you should leave these problems to an expert plumber in Okotoks. Keep reading to learn more about the four plumbing problems that you don’t want to attempt to fix yourself.

Leaky Pipes or Faucets

If you have any type of active leak in your home, it’s worth a call to our team of professionals. Leaks can happen because pipes loosen or corrode and need to be repaired or replaced. But it’s also possible that you have faucets dripping even when water is not in use.

Leaky pipes can cause water damage to your home that can cost even more to repair than fixing the plumbing problem. Leaky faucets are costing you money on your monthly water bill. You may not think that a few drips amount to much, but your water bill could easily double if a leaky faucet is significant enough or you have multiple leaky faucets across your home.

Visible Water Damage

Other times, you may not be able to see an active leak, but you notice resulting water damage. This can happen under sinks, around bathtubs, or along floors, walls, and ceilings. If you have unexplained water damage anywhere in your home, it’s worth having a plumber check it out just to be safe.

Slow Drains

Drains that move slowly are also a red flag of plumbing problems, namely clogs. Clogs can happen in the pipes near your drains or farther away deep in your home’s plumbing system. Having a clog in a single drain is concerning enough, but if you have slow drains impacting more than one area of your house, that’s a sign of a larger problem.

You may be tempted to stop at a local hardware store and pick up a chemical drain cleaner to pour down the drains and hope it makes a difference. However, we advise against this because the drain cleaners are very corrosive and ultimately do more harm than good. Our team can break down clogs safely and effectively without leaving any lasting damage behind.

Running Toilet

A running toilet is very similar to a leaky faucet. You may hear water moving through a toilet when it is not in use. When this happens, your toilet is consuming water outside of being flushed and costing you money on your monthly water bill. It’s easy to think this isn’t a big deal but a running toilet can cost you a lot of money. 

There are various components that could contribute to a running toilet. You may try adjusting the flapper yourself, or if that doesn’t work, just give us a call, and we can troubleshoot and fix it for you. No problem is too big or too small for our team to help with.

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