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How to Choose the Best Toilet for You

Whether you’re renovating your bathroom or replacing an old or broken toilet, choosing the right toilet is a more significant decision than you may think. 

When it comes to kitchen and bathroom plumbing, the toilet is one of the most important items. But with all the toilets available, how do you know which is suitable for you and your household? 

Keep reading to learn more about the 4 steps of choosing the right toilet and what makes this decision so crucial. 

Why Having a Great Toilet Matters

Your toilet is one of the most used items in the house. It’s a fixture that will be used every day for years, so having a high-quality toilet matters. 

To avoid maintenance, leaks, and potential emergency plumbing situations, you need to buy a reliable one. Knowing the ins and outs of the features and types of toilets can leave you with a toilet that lasts for decades!

The 4 Steps of Choosing a Toilet 

  1. Choose the Bowl Height

Although some models may vary, there are two typical bowl heights available. These are:

  • Standard height: This is the most common bowl height for toilets. A standard toilet height is approximately 35 cm to 39 cm.
  • Comfort height: This height of toilet is great for taller people or those with lower body problems. A comfort height toilet bowl is usually 40 cm to 44 cm. 

Bowl height is a personal preference. It is essential to consider the needs of those in your household when you are making this decision. 

If you have young children or need the toilet closer to the ground, a toilet with a standard height bowl may be for you. On the other hand, if you are tall or have any joint, leg, or back issues, some prefer a toilet with a higher bowl. 

  1. Choose the Bowl Type 

There are two types of toilet bowls that you should be aware of before deciding which toilet to buy. The two types of toilet bowls are:

  • Round
  • Elongated 

A round toilet may be the right choice for you if your bathroom is on the smaller side. An elongated toilet bowl is longer than a round toilet bowl, which means there is more water, giving you a better flush. 

  1. Pick a Design 

A lot of design goes into toilets. The three main toilet designs are:

  • Two-piece
  • One piece
  • Wall-mounted

Each has its benefits, including: 

Two-Piece Toilets 

Two-piece toilets are toilets where the tank and bowl are separate. The benefits of two-piece toilets include: 

  • They are the most common and available type of toilet
  • They are generally more affordable compared to other toilet designs
  • They are easy to find replacement parts for 

One-Piece Toilets 

One-piece toilets have a fused-together tank and bowl to make one seamless unit. The benefits of one piece toilets include: 

  • They can take up less space
  • They are easier to clean compared to two-piece toilets 
  • They are more stylish than two-piece toilets

Wall-Mounted Toilets

Wall-mounted toilets mount directly onto the wall. The benefits of wall-mounted toilets include: 

  • They are easy to use, especially for people with additional needs
  • They are the easiest type of toilet to clean
  1. Consider Water Efficiency 

Once you’ve decided how you want your toilet to look, you should identify your needs when it comes to water efficiency. 

Two of the most important aspects of picking the right toilet comes down to:

  • How much water it uses 
  • How well it flushes 

New flushing technology can help you save water without sacrificing flush performance. In addition to this, many toilets have the option of single and dual flushing systems, which can help you save water and money. 

How to Take Care of Your New Toilet

Choosing the right toilet means that you hopefully don’t have to do it again for years. The goal of buying the correct toilet is to find one that fits your needs and lasts decades. 

To help you reach this goal, we’ve made a list of tips to keep your new toilet feeling new for years to come. 

To properly maintain your toilet and bathroom plumbing system, you should:

  • Only use your toilet for what it’s intended for 
  • Avoid flushing anything except for toilet paper
  • Remove any large objects from the bowl before you flush it
  • Learn how to use a plunger and clear anything that won’t flush
  • Clean your toilet at least once a week
  • Learn to fix common toilet problems yourself 

If you have any further questions about which toilet may be right for you and your household, contact us today!

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