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Avoid A Plumbing Nightmare this Halloween

Monday, October 2nd, 2023

Plumbing problems can sneak up on you and cause surprise. Plumbing problems are not always super obvious until they absolutely have to be addressed. However, there are usually some early signs that you can identify if you pay close attention to the plumbing in your home.

Noticing any of the signs outlined below means that you need to schedule drain cleaning in Calgary, AB. You can keep reading to learn more about common drain problems we see and the early signs of each one. If you have concerns about your plumbing, give us a call sooner rather than later to avoid a plumbing nightmare.

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Plumbers Do That? 3 Services A Plumber Can Do

Monday, September 18th, 2023

When you think about plumbers, you probably think about having someone make repairs to the pipes and faucets in your home. But professional plumbers can do a lot more than that. In fact, you might just be surprised about some of the times that you need to call a plumbing professional.

If you’ve been searching for plumbers in Calgary, AB, you’ve reached the right place. You can keep reading to learn more about the many services that our plumbers offer. Then give us a call to schedule your appointment for any of these needs.

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How To Set Your AC During a Heatwave

Monday, August 21st, 2023

This summer has been hot and when you add a heatwave on top of the regular heat, being outside can be downright unbearable. But when you’re inside your home, you expect to be cool and comfortable. The thing is, your air conditioner may not be able to keep up with cooling your home to your usual standard during a heatwave.

Pushing your air conditioner too hard in the middle of a heatwave can leave you calling our team to schedule an appointment for air conditioning repair in Calgary, AB. But when you understand what to expect out of your air conditioner during a heatwave, you can adjust your settings and still keep cool. Read more to learn about air conditioning settings for a heatwave as well as other tips for staying cool.

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Common and Uncommon Water Heater Repairs

Monday, July 24th, 2023

The water heater in your home is designed to last a long time, but it won’t be without problems here and there. The best way to stay ahead of problems is to schedule water heater maintenance. You can also pay attention to how your water heater operates and learn the signs that something may be wrong.

When you do notice that your water heater is not quite working as it usually does, you can give our team a call for water heater repair in Calgary. In the meantime, you can keep reading to learn more about both common and uncommon water heater repairs that we see and the signs of each one. 

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5 Benefits of Heat Pump Installation

Monday, July 10th, 2023

Heat pumps are gaining a lot of traction among homeowners as a trusted solution for residential heating and cooling. If you are interested in heat pump installation in Calgary, our team is here to help. You can give us a call for your in-home assessment and we can answer any questions that you have.

Even if you decide on a different type of air conditioner, our team can still help. We want you to have a solution that you feel confident with. If you’re not familiar with heat pumps, you can keep reading to learn more about the benefits they offer compared to other air conditioning options. 

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What Is Water Testing and Why Do I Need It?

Monday, June 26th, 2023

If you suspect that the water source coming to your home is contaminated or has particularly high mineral content, you may want to get it tested. It’s actually a good idea to invest in water testing no matter what, just to understand your water quality.

If you’ve never had water testing in Calgary, you can give our team a call to schedule your appointment. After we take a water sample and complete the testing, we can go over the report with you so you understand what it all means. Then we can offer solutions like water filters and water softeners to improve the quality of water in your home. You can keep reading to learn more about why you might want to invest in water testing. 

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How To Avoid AC Repairs This Summer

Monday, June 12th, 2023

If you’re like a lot of families, you have a jam-packed, busy summer planned. Aside from working, your kids may be out of school and you’re trying to fit in family vacations and fun activities. Surprise AC repairs can throw a wrench in your plans.

The good news is, you can stay ahead of AC repairs this summer by scheduling AC maintenance now with our team of professionals and staying on top of your own monthly homeowner maintenance. If you do you have any concerns, you can call us for air conditioning repair in Calgary. Keep reading to learn more about how you can prevent AC repairs and keep your air conditioner running great this summer.

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What Are My Options for AC Systems?

Monday, May 15th, 2023

You have a variety of options when it comes to a new air conditioner for your home. In fact, you have so many options that you may feel overwhelmed in trying to make the right decision. The good news is, our team is here to help. We can help you weigh the pros and cons of different air conditioners for your unique needs and family.

We can help with anything from installation to repair when it comes to air conditioning in Calgary because we are the local experts. Keep reading to learn more about the different types of air conditioners, and then give us a call to schedule your in-home assessment. 

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Tank Vs Tankless Water Heaters: Pros and Cons

Monday, May 1st, 2023

If you want to install a new water heater in your home, you may be considering a tankless water heater instead of a more traditional tank system. If you’ve used both in the past, you may already have a preference for one over the other. But, if you are new to tankless water heaters, you may have some questions.

Both systems have a variety of benefits, but they also have their own unique downsides. There is no right or wrong choice when it comes to water heaters. You have to make the decision that fits your family’s unique needs. If you are interested in the installation of a tankless water heater in Calgary, you can give our team a call for an assessment at your home. In the meantime, keep reading to learn more about the pros and cons of tank and tankless water heaters.

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Most Common Bathroom Sink Clogs and How to Fix Them

Monday, April 3rd, 2023

If your bathroom sink is persistently getting clogged, you may be tired of using things such as drain cleaners or plumbing snakes that seem to only help temporarily. Instead, you want to solve the bigger problem. The good news is, we have a team who are experts at plumbing and heating in Calgary, and we’re always here to help your family.

First, you want to find the reason for the persistent clogs and solve it. Then, you want to be more careful of what you’re washing down your drains. You can keep reading to learn more about bathroom sink clogs as well as ways to fix and prevent them from happening again.

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