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Soft Water is Boring. It’s Easy to Get Excited!

Image of Jack De Vetten the professer of plumbing talking about soft water.

Soft Water is Boring? Not Really

When you hear soft water is boring, you might raise an eyebrow. So what is thrilling about water, especially the soft kind? Here again is Jack De Vetten, the Professor of Plumbing with some insights into the world of soft and conditioned water. Soft water free from minerals like calcium and magnesium often does not get the spotlight. But here is the twist. There is a world of excitement hidden in this boring topic.

Understanding Soft Water

Soft water is more than just a term. It is a quiet revolution in our pipes and faucets. Different from its counterpart. Hard water, soft water is gentle on everything it touches, from your skin to kitchenware. The lack of hard minerals is kinder to your appliances and body.

Why Soft Water Seems Boring

It is often overlooked because its effects cannot be seen. You will not find rust or a calcium build-up from soft water. It is a classic case of not seeing the forest for the trees. But, this is where the excitement begins. Imagine a life where your appliances last longer, the color of your clothes stay vibrant, and your skin feels perpetually soft. Soft water makes this a reality. The science lies in its ability to work more effectively with soaps and detergents, leading to a cleaner, more efficient home. It is also environmentally friendly, reducing the need for expensive repairs, cleaning products.

The Benefits of Soft Water

Soft water significantly reduces wear and tear on appliances, such as dishwashers, washing machines, hot water heaters, and even coffee makers. No build-up of minerals means appliances operate more efficiently and have a longer lifespan. Learn more

Cost Savings

Reduced repairs and replacements equal long-term savings. For example, gas water heaters operate more efficiently with soft water. Because soft water requires less detergent, the end result is cleaner dishes and softer clothes. Soft water helps preserve the colour and texture of fabrics. Less soap scum in bathtubs and sinks is another way how soft water makes cleaning easy saving you money.

Health and Comfort Benefits

image of a mantaking a shower with soft water.

Soft water is gentler on skin and hair. Say goodbye to dry and irritating skin, especially itchy skin, or scalp conditions. Towels and clothes are softer and last longer. Those long hot showers will feel sooo good!

Economic and Environmental Impact

Soft water requires less soap and detergent for easier cleaning, leading to water savings and reducing household waste. Soft water conserves energy, contributing to lower utility bills and a smaller carbon footprint.

Introduction to Dual tank Water Softeners and Water Conditioners

Here we will lay out the differences, and hopefully help you choose the system that works for you.

How Dual Tank Systems Work

Dual tank water systems consist of two tanks. While one is actively softening water, the other is in a regeneration phase. This means no interruptions in supply, a common issue in single-tank systems. This ensures that soft water is always available, even during the regeneration cycle. Using less salt and water is good for the environment and saves you money in the long term.

Understanding Water Conditioners

Water conditioners are often confused with softeners. Water conditioners do not remove hard minerals, only modify minerals to prevent scale build-up in pipes and appliances.

Mineral Removal vs. Modification

The main difference is in the approach. Dual tank systems remove minerals causing hardness, while conditioners change how these minerals behave.

Soft Water vs. Conditioned Water

It is important to note that dual tank systems provide soft water, benefiting everything from your skin to your home appliances. In contrast, conditioners are more about preventing scale and not all the benefits of soft water.

Soft Water Maintenance and Regeneration

Dual tank systems involve a regeneration cycle, which is crucial for their continuous supply of soft water. In contrast, water conditioners usually require less maintenance since they do not have a regeneration process.


Dual tank water systems are a game-changer in water softening, especially for homes with high water volume needs. Their strengths are continuous supply, efficiency, and longevity. This makes them a better choice over water conditioners for those seeking the full benefits of soft water.
So, if you consideing upgrading your home water system, or you are not sure which system is the best fit for your home.

What You Need to Do Now

Talk to Ace Plumbing and Heating, your ultimate hero for perfect water.
Soft water might not be the star of a thrilling action movie, but it is an unsung hero in our daily lives. It is time we start finding excitement in the underrated and unappreciated. Soft water, boring? Think again. It is a daily dose of excitement, just in a subtle form.

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