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How to Keep Your AC Great through the End of Summer


To get an air conditioner back up and running after sitting inactive for months, some maintenance is usually required. You can avoid waiting several days for a busy repairer and paying a premium or high price for extensive repairs. However, you must perform this preventative maintenance before summer begins.

You can do this by running simple maintenance tasks like replacing the filters, cleaning the condenser coils, or other routines that will ensure the smooth running of your air conditioner. A good air conditioning in Calgary, AB, should help with this.

If your air conditioning is in working condition, your home will be adequately chilled during the hot weather. Make sure you follow these tips to ensure you are covered during the summer:

1.      Clean the Filters

Air conditioner filters become clogged with repeated use. Dust and filth can build up and cause a variety of issues. A malfunctioning air conditioner will produce a lot of noise, and it won’t be able to disburse enough air. This can be avoided by doing a thorough filter cleaning every three months. If you’re using disposable filters, make sure to replace them once a year to maintain optimal performance.

2.      Turn It Off When Not In Use

Turning off your air conditioner when you leave the room is always preferable. To make sure they return to a cool room, some individuals leave their air conditioning on all day.  This overworks your air conditioner.

3.      There Should Be Enough Space for Your AC

Having an air conditioner installed in a large room is a great idea. The room’s airflow will not be impeded if the surrounding environment is free of obstructions. Make sure there are no pillars, walls, or large furniture in the way. The air conditioners need to take in and expel air to function properly, which is impossible in a small space.

4.      Clean the Vents

It is through these vents that the AC blows chilly air. This means that not only will the airflow through these vents be hindered by accumulated debris. Instead, the dirt particles will also be released into your room. It is possible to inhale them unintentionally and have an allergic reaction and other health issues.

5.      The Outdoor Unit Should Be Clean

Both the indoor and outside units of your air conditioner must work together to be effective. The indoor unit will not function properly if the outdoor unit is damaged. You can avoid damage by regularly cleaning the outdoor unit. Please make sure the vents are free of dirt particles so that it doesn’t accumulate.

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Even if you follow the above guide to the letter, your air conditioner may still develop problems or show damage symptoms. Repairing these issues as soon as possible helps you extend the life of your air conditioner. Even if there are no visible signs of deterioration, you should do a maintenance check on your air conditioner every four to five months to assess its general health. If you don’t maintain your air conditioning, it will diminish its performance and lifespan.

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