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Sewer Camera Inspections. Your Important First Line of Defence.

Image of Jack Devetten the Professer of Plumbing talking about Sewer Camera Inspections

Alright folks, listen up! Jack DeVetten the Professor of Plumbing here, and I’m about to lay down some hard truths about sewer camera inspections. You think those pipes in your house are just humming along smoothly? Think again, my friends. There could be all kinds of nasty stuff going on down there. Grease, hair, soap scum, you name it. It’s a ticking time bomb of roots and gunk just waiting to ruin your day.

Sewer Camera Inspections? What’s the Big Deal?

But here’s the deal. With a sewer camera inspection, you get ahead of those problems before they turn into full-blown disasters. We’re talking about sending a tiny camera snake right down into the sewer to get eyes on the whole situation. Every crack, every shifted joint, every potential issue that is just waiting to cause you a world of hurt. I have seen too many homeowners tear out floors, walls, even foundations because they let a clogged sewer turn into a catastrophic flood.

It brings to mind a newly renovated home purchased by a young couple. The tile company that did the renovation poured the left-over grout and tile glue down the main sewer. The new homeowners were on the ball and did a camera inspection right away. Because the sewer camera inspection was done right away, they were able to recover the cost of repairs from the previous owner.

By doing sewer camera inspections, we can nip those problems in the butt and save you a mountain of cash, time, and headaches. It’s like giving your sewer system a full diagnostic workup before issues get the chance to spiral out of control.

Clogs from grease, food, hair, roots, and other things that end up in the sewer will infiltrate your cracked or corroded sewer pipes. The camera lets us see it all so we can make a smart plan to fix it right the first time. And let me tell you, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure when it comes to plumbing nightmares.

I have dealt with way too many frantic homeowners standing ankle-deep in sewer backups because they ignored the warning signs. Don’t be one of those folks!

Routine Sewer Camera Inspections

Now, for older homes with sewer systems that are older than 20 years. This is where routine camera inspections really shine. acting like a skilled detective navigating through the hidden pipes of your home. It’s like having x-ray vision into the guts of your plumbing system.

And trust me, you want to know what’s going on in there before it’s too late. Picture it as a health check-up for your home’s arteries, making sure that everything flows smoothly. With a sewer camera inspection, we can catch those early signs of trouble. deformed pipes, misaligned joints, you name it.

But not only that, these inspections can actually help you locate lost valuables that might have gone down the drain. Imagine having to rip up your floors just to find that missing wedding ring or your kid’s favorite toy.

A camera can pinpoint exactly where it is and retrieve it without tearing your house apart. And here’s the kicker. Sewer camera inspections are quick, convenient, and way more cost-effective than the alternative of digging blindly. It’s just smart preventative maintenance, folks.

How Long Do Sewer Camera Inspections Take?

The good news is, thet we’re not talking about some all-day affair that’s going to disrupt your whole schedule. We find that even though inspection times can take up to 2 hours most can be completed in less than an hour.

So, while there can be a little variation depending on things like the length and complexity of your sewer system, you’re generally looking at somewhere between an hour to 2 hours tops for the whole process. That’s one of the big benefits here. It’s a relatively quick job compared to other more invasive inspection methods.

We can just send that camera snake down your sewer, get a full diagnostic on what’s going on, and be out of your hair lickety-split. We have found that a quick assessment using a camera threaded through the sewer can find issues that wouldn’t be noticeable otherwise.

The bottom line is, a sewer camera inspection is about as low-impact as it gets when it comes to thoroughly checking out your sewer. No major disruptions, no massive time commitment required.

We just get in, get the job done efficiently, and you’ve got a clear picture of what’s happening underground.

So, listen up – don’t wait until you’re dealing with a full-blown plumbing crisis to pay attention to your sewer. Get ahead of the game with a sewer camera inspection. It’s an investment in the health and longevity of your home’s plumbing system, and it could save you a boatload of money and stress down the line.

It’s better to catch issues early and address them properly than to let them fester into expensive nightmares. Your wallet (and your sanity) will thank you.

Benefits of Regular Sewer Camera Inspections

The main benefit of regular sewer camera inspections is peace of mind. But then again think of regular plumbing maintenance as the unsung hero in the story of your bustling, non-stop life. Just as you wouldn’t drive your car without regular oil changes, your home’s plumbing needs the same attention to prevent costly and disruptive emergencies. And regular sewer camera inspections can spot these issues early, giving you peace of mind. Consider it your home’s way of whispering for help.

Cost of Emergency Sewer Repairs vs. Routine Checks

Let’s face it, unexpected costs are like unwelcome guests at a meticulously planned dinner party. Emergency sewer and plumbing repairs often strike like lightning—sudden, shocking, and expensive. Regular sewer maintenance is like buying insurance. It might seem like an extra expense at first. But it’s a bargain compared to the premium of emergency sewer replacement.

I remember helping a young professional returning from a business trip to find her home flooded due to a sewer back up. The repair costs were astronomical compared to the modest fee of a routine camera inspection check-up she’d skipped.

Keeping your sewer line in check ensures your money is spent on things you love to do, like travelling, and camping, you get the idea. And not on sewer disasters.

Misuse of Garburators in Home Plumbing

Think of your garburator as a well-intentioned, yet often misunderstood kitchen assistant. In my years as a plumber, I’ve seen countless young homeowners treat this device like a culinary black hole, capable of swallowing everything from banana peels to coffee grounds.

However, misuse of garburators can lead to clogged pipes, creating an underground monster that’s ready to strike. Think of it like feeding a pet; you wouldn’t give your dog chocolate, right? Similarly, fibrous and

non-biodegradable items are the chocolate to your garburator.

Keeping your kitchen assistant happy with appropriate BIODEGRADABLE scraps can prevent an unexpected darin or sewer backup and other costly plumbing problems.

Sewer Camera Inspection Recap

I can’t stress enough how important it is to have regular professional sewer camera inspections. It is like having an MRI for your home’s hidden veins and arteries. So, it’s essential, especially when moving into a new place or after major renovations. The camera goes deep, revealing secrets from within your sewer system, catching issues before they escalate into major financial and emotional drains. Consider it a pre-emptive strike to protect your home. Get in touch with me to schedule your sewer camera inspection.

It’s as necessary as backing up your digital life!

Check out this interesting resource on sewer camera inspections.

If your sewer smells sour, call the Professor of Plumbing

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