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Are Tankless Water Heaters Worth It?

If you’ve been thinking about switching from a tank water heater to a tankless water heater, you may be wondering if the upgrade is worth it. After all, tankless water heaters are more expensive to install and it can be a little bit of a process to make the switch over because most homes need some retrofitting.

You can keep reading to learn more about the unique benefits that a tankless water heater offers, as well as some of the potential downsides. Then you can give us a call whenever you’re ready to switch from a hot water tank in Calgary over to a tankless model. We can even complete an in-home assessment and review with you how a tankless model would be set up inside your home.

Pro: Endless Hot Water

The benefit of nearly endless hot water is one of the top reasons that homeowners switch to a tankless water heater. As long as water is coming into your home from a source, a tankless water heater can manage heating it up. You don’t have to worry about a tank water heater running out of hot water and waiting for it to refill and reheat. 

Pro: Efficiency

Tankless water heaters are known to be highly energy efficient. This energy savings can add up quickly compared to a tank water heater. The difference is that a tankless water heater only heats water on demand, so it is only heating water that you use. 

A tank water heater is heating up water around the clock so that there is always a supply ready when you need it. However, the water inside of a tank may sit heated and unused for an extended period of time, during which your tank water heater is still working to maintain that high temperature. Maintaining hot water around the clock consumes more energy.

Con: Upfront Cost

One downside to a tankless water heater is that the installation can cost more money compared to installing another tank water heater. Adjustments will need to be made to the water heater connections to accommodate a tankless water heater. In addition to costing more, the installation process can also be more involved. 

The one thing you have to consider is that the energy efficiency of a tankless water heater will save you money over the life of the unit. You have the chance to recoup some of the difference in installation costs by way of energy savings.

Con: Risks of High Demand

Another downside is that a tankless water heater may not be able to provide enough hot water to multiple sources at the same time. A tank water heater may run out of water quickly, but it can provide hot water at multiple sources without losing water pressure. The same cannot be said about a tankless water heater. Since water is being heated on demand, only so much water at a time can move through the system. 

You may find that you have lower water pressure if you are running the washing machine and taking a shower at the same time, or have two people showering at the same time in different bathrooms. With a tankless water heater, you’ll need to consult with a professional plumbing company to ensure that it’ll be able to keep up with your household routine.

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