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Why Furnace Maintenance Is Vital


Fall is here and winter is around the corner. Soon your furnace will be running around the clock to warm your home and keep your family comfortable. But before you put that much strain on your system, you need to invest in furnace maintenance to ensure that your unit is working its best all season long

If you’ve never had furnace maintenance, you may be wondering what the big deal is. You’ve gotten away with not needing furnace service in Chestermere, AB for this long. Why schedule it now? Well, there are many reasons. The most important one is taking care of your furnace so it will last for a long time to come. But there are other benefits, too. 

Understanding Furnace Maintenance 

Is it really necessary to have furnace maintenance done every year? Yes! Many experts even recommend scheduling a tune-up for your furnace twice per year. During furnace maintenance, an expert looks at all of your components and connections. We clean out dust and dirt, tighten loose parts, and replace anything that is going bad. 

Increase Safety

Many furnaces are powered by natural gas. A leak in your natural gas line can pose both health and safety hazards. Breathing in the fumes is dangerous because natural gas is odorless. But it’s also highly flammable, leaving your home at risk for fires. Annual or biannual inspections can prevent gas leaks. 

If you have an electric furnace, you face fire hazards, too. If wiring wears down and becomes exposed there’s a greater risk of electrical fires occurring. Furnace maintenance appointments include a close inspection of all wiring to ensure that everything is up to code. 

Furnace Warranty

If you have a warranty on your furnace, annual maintenance may be a requirement. If you don’t do your part to take care of your furnace then the warranty is voided. This can cost you more because you’ll end up paying for repairs that would have otherwise been covered. If something goes wrong with your furnace it won’t necessarily be right away. It could be years down the road. Regular furnace maintenance ensures that your furnace is covered for the life of the warranty. 

Prevent Repairs

Did you know that 85% of all furnace repairs are caused by a lack of maintenance? That means you can avoid costly surprise repairs just by scheduling your annual maintenance appointment. The inspection gives our experts a chance to fix things before they ever go wrong with your furnace. You get to stay ahead of repairs, avoid unwanted surprises, and even save money all at the same time.

Life of Your Furnace

The best way to extend the life of your furnace is by taking care of it. You may think that maintenance is a waste of money. After all, why should you fix something that isn’t broken? But something may very well be broken and you just don’t know it yet. Wear and tear are completely normal, but over time this wear puts a strain on your system. 

Avoiding furnace maintenance doesn’t actually save you any money. Instead, it can cost you more by cutting the life expectancy of your furnace in half. If you want your furnace to last 15 years or longer, then maintenance is a must!

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