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When Is a Plumbing Problem an Emergency?


Unfortunately there isn’t a way to predict exactly when you’ll have a plumbing emergency. That’s why it’s called an emergency! Even when you pay close attention to how your plumbing is working, surprises can still pop up. This is because so much of your plumbing – pipes and other fixtures – aren’t visible in your walls, attic, or under your home.

And we all know that plumbing emergencies don’t happen when it’s convenient. They happen when you’re getting in the shower before going to work for the day, or after you come home from work and don’t realize something has been leaking all day long. If you need services for emergency plumbing in Calgary, AB, our team can help. In the meantime, you can learn what constitutes a true plumbing emergency and what isn’t a true emergency.

Signs of a Plumbing Emergency

Most plumbing emergencies are pretty obvious. You have a leak that is causing damage around your home or sewage is backing up into your bathtub or sinks. When things like this happen you can’t ignore them or put off service for another day. If there is a plumbing problem that you can’t put a bandaid on in the short term, it’s an emergency. 

Signs of a Plumbing Non-Emergency

Other plumbing problems don’t have to be addressed right away. If you have a faucet that is dripping persistently or a minor pipe leak, those problems can wait. Do you want to put off addressing those plumbing problems? Of course not! But you can put a bucket under a leaky pipe until a plumber can come help.

Emergency Plumbing Services

When you pay for any emergency services – including plumbing emergencies – you often pay a premium for immediate service. If your plumbing concern isn’t a true emergency then you don’t want to pay more than you have to. Schedule a plumber to come out when it’s convenient for you without rushing. 

If you have doubts about whether a plumbing issue requires immediate attention, give our team a call. We can talk about what’s going on and offer our expert opinion. We may recommend immediate service, but we may also be able to offer suggestions for how to address the problem until our team can come out and fix it completely. 

When to Schedule a Drain Cleaning

If you want to prevent a plumbing emergency, you need to know what the common causes are. Plumbing emergencies don’t usually pop up overnight. Instead, plumbing problems grow and spread until it’s something you can’t ignore. When you identify plumbing problems early you can prevent some emergencies. 

Signs of drain problems include slow draining and strange odors. If water doesn’t drain quickly in your sinks and tubs, you may have a clog or blockage. And your drains should never smell bad – with the exception of your kitchen sink. A smelly drain anywhere else can indicate that sewage is backing up. If you clean your drains with a cleaner or baking soda and lemon, the smells should go away. If they don’t, call for a plumbing checkup. 

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