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Common Drain and Sewer Problems We Can Take Care Of


When you think of plumbing needs, you probably think about the pipes and fixtures inside the walls of your home. But there can also be drain and sewer problems outside of your home that have negative consequences for your home and family. The good news is, our team handles all of the above–and then some!

So, if you need drain cleaning in Calgary, give us a call. We can help with all of your plumbing needs, big or small. If you think that you’re having a drain or sewer problem at your house, keep reading to learn more about common issues that we see in the area.

Damage from Tree Roots

When it comes to your larger plumbing system, tree root incursion is one of the biggest problems we see. It’s especially common if you have an older home or have a lot of large trees around your house. Your pipes and sewer lines are strong, but they are nothing compared to the strength of a tree’s roots spreading through the ground. 

The signs of tree root incursion include:

  • Drains that empty slowly.
  • Gurgling sounds as water drains.
  • Sinkholes near your home.
  • Water backing up into your toilets or tubs.
  • Unusual odors coming from drains.

If you suspect that you have a problem with tree roots, seek out professional help. It’s possible that you have multiple incursion points, and you definitely want to make sure that the repair job is done right the first time so that it doesn’t happen again. 

Drain Clogs

When it comes to the drains in your home, clogs are one of the most common problems we help with. If you have a sink that is draining slowly, a clog may be to blame. If all of your drains are slow-moving, the clog may be deeper in your system and impacting your larger water supply.

Keep in mind that clogs can also happen within the pipes coming into your home. This can lower your water pressure so that you don’t have as strong of a stream as you expect when you turn on your faucets or showers.

Plumbing Corrosion

There may be times that you don’t think much about the things you dump down your kitchen drain. You may even buy chemicals with the specific purpose of unclogging your drains, not realizing that those chemicals are also corroding your pipes at the same time. If you have any metal sewer lines, corrosion can increase wear and tear so that the pipes break down faster than they should. 

Signs of pipe corrosion include:

  • Water that smells bad.
  • Noticing discoloration in your water.
  • Low water pressure.
  • Unusual taste.
  • Strong fluctuations in water temperature.

Leaky Pipes

If your plumbing corrodes due to the issues above or just plain old age, your home can develop leaks. If you have a single leak, that’s not a huge deal. Our team can usually fix the problem quickly. But if you have persistent or frequent leaks, you may have a larger problem. It could be a sign that your home’s pipes are old enough that the entire plumbing system needs to be overhauled. 

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