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Most Common Bathroom Sink Clogs and How to Fix Them


If your bathroom sink is persistently getting clogged, you may be tired of using things such as drain cleaners or plumbing snakes that seem to only help temporarily. Instead, you want to solve the bigger problem. The good news is, we have a team who are experts at plumbing and heating in Calgary, and we’re always here to help your family.

First, you want to find the reason for the persistent clogs and solve it. Then, you want to be more careful of what you’re washing down your drains. You can keep reading to learn more about bathroom sink clogs as well as ways to fix and prevent them from happening again.

Reasons for Bathroom Sink Clogs

Wet Hair

One of the most common reasons for bathroom sink clogs is hair going down the drain. You may only see a single hair going down at a time, but those strands and pieces eventually get caught in your pipes and clump together. Wet hair continues to collect until it becomes a clump that is big enough to start blocking water flow. The bad thing about hair is that it also attracts other small particles such as dirt and soap scum that are going down your drain, making the clog even worse. 

P-Trap Problems

There’s also a good chance that the bend in your drain pipe, also called the P-trap, is clogged. This part of the drain pipe is designed to hold water for a couple of reasons. Water in this bend blocks sewer smells from floating back up into your sink, and also creates suction that helps your drains clear. But if you accidentally drop small household items down the drain, they can get stuck in the bend and cause a clog. Soap scum, dirt, and mineral deposits can also cause clogs here.


If your home has hard water, there’s a chance that your pipes are corroding due to the minerals in your water supply. Over time, the sediments in hard water accumulate and corrode the insides of your pipes until they wear down. It’s possible for rust to develop, which can exasperate drain clogs by allowing buildup to happen faster and easier. 

Preventing Bathroom Drain Clogs

You’re probably used to having a drain stopper in your kitchen that helps to catch small food particles and debris before it goes down your drain. You can get something similar for your bathroom, and it will do the same job. If you’re struggling with drain clogs, this is probably a good investment for your home. 

You can also schedule our team to come out and take a look at your plumbing to see if corrosion is a contributing factor. If it is, we can replace damaged pipes and even offer you a quote for a water softener that will eliminate hard water so that it is not a problem again in the future. 

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