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Don’t Ignore These AC Problems!

We’re at the height of summer in Calgary and the temperatures are heating up. You’re probably eager to slather on that SPF and get outdoors to soak up the sun. After all, we all know that we don’t get a lot of it here in our area. The only thing that could put a damper on your summer is an air conditioning breakdown.

Sure, we don’t have super high temperature here in Calgary, but it does get hot enough here that you’re going to need a reliable air conditioner by your side. If you run into an air conditioning problem, you’re going to want to call a professional team for the job. If you need a great air conditioner in Calgary, AB, you can contact our professional technicians. We’ll repair your air conditioner perfectly.

Is Your AC Is Trouble?

Contact our team if you notice any of the following signs of air conditioner trouble:

Your AC Bills Are Super High

Are your air conditioning bills higher than they’ve ever been? We don’t live in one of those areas where the weather is scorching, so you shouldn’t have to deal with sky-high air conditioning bills. Your utility bills do fluctuate a little bit month to month because your needs change, however, a significant increase in your energy bill without a corresponding increase in your air conditioning usage is a problem. It’s a clear sign that your air conditioner is dismally inefficient. You’re going to need a responsible team like ours to get your air conditioner back on track.

Your Cooling in Uneven

Running your air conditioner should even out the temperature of your home. If one area of your home feels like the arctic tundra while another feels like it’s boiling over, it means that you’re struggling with your air conditioner. It’s easy to try to explain this problem away. You might reason with yourself and conclude that different areas of your home will cool differently. This is true—factors like natural lighting, the height of ceilings, the size of a room, and the placement of a vent will all make your home cool differently. The difference should never be drastic though. Vastly different temperatures throughout your home are a sign that you need repair services.

You Have Low Airflow

This problem is a little hard to notice. Air vents are usually out of the way so it’s not likely that you’re running your hand against the grate to check the pressure of the air coming out very often. When this problem occurs in a home, many people just overcompensate by running their air conditioner for a longer period of time. Start at the source. If you notice that you have to run your air conditioner longer to stay cool you might have low airflow. Get up close and personal with your vent—if the air seems to trickle out, it’s time to pick up the phone and call us!

Contact Ace Plumbing and Heating today to schedule an appointment today. We’ll help you get your AC back up and running again.

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