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How To Avoid AC Repairs This Summer

If you’re like a lot of families, you have a jam-packed, busy summer planned. Aside from working, your kids may be out of school and you’re trying to fit in family vacations and fun activities. Surprise AC repairs can throw a wrench in your plans.

The good news is, you can stay ahead of AC repairs this summer by scheduling AC maintenance now with our team of professionals and staying on top of your own monthly homeowner maintenance. If you do you have any concerns, you can call us for air conditioning repair in Calgary. Keep reading to learn more about how you can prevent AC repairs and keep your air conditioner running great this summer.

Homeowner AC Maintenance

The best way to take care of your air conditioner is by completing your own homeowner maintenance each month. This includes changing your air filter out on time. It’s a great way to ensure dust and dirt aren’t getting through and into your air conditioning system, and also prevents airflow blockages if your air filter gets too full of dirt.

Another homeowner maintenance task is helping keep the condensate line clean by pouring a small amount of vinegar into the condensate drain line. Open the closet where the indoor portion of your air conditioner is located and find the pipe that is sticking up with a screw on it. Unscrew that cap and slowly pour in a little vinegar. This should help keep the condensate drain line free from clogs so that your AC can operate at its best.

Your final step is to take a look at your outdoor unit. If it looks particularly dirty, hose it down using gentle water pressure. If there is any debris on or around your air conditioner, remove it. If the grass has grown high around it, bust out the weed trimmer. The outdoor unit is exposed to the elements year-round, and these steps can help keep it clean and free from damage.

Professional AC Maintenance

If you have any concerns during your monthly maintenance check, give our team a call. Of course, even if you don’t have any concerns, you should still be scheduling maintenance for your air conditioner annually. If you haven’t done it yet this year, now is a great time. Our team will use our expertise to identify any small problems and fix them before they have a chance to spread and affect other areas of your air conditioner. 

We can lubricate gears, tighten screws, and replace any belts that are wearing down. These steps ensure that your air conditioner is always operating at its best to lessen the likelihood of a surprise repair need later on. It’s an investment in peace of mind that you know your AC won’t have any problems this summer. Plus, regular AC maintenance also extends the lifespan of your unit so that it can last for years longer than average. 

Contact Ace Plumbing and Heating today to schedule an appointment for your AC maintenance needs. Fusing Technology with Comfort.

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