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Langdon, AB Heating, Air Conditioning and Plumbing Services

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Trust is something you want with any contractor you hire. When it comes to your home plumbing, heating, and cooling, you don’t want to depend on an unreliable contractor or one who takes cheap shortcuts. Ace Plumbing and Heating has 45 years of history serving Langdon, AB, and we back up all our work. If you are dissatisfied with our workmanship, we’ll fix what we did wrong at no cost to you. We also offer a lemon-free guarantee to replace faulty installations and we’ll even price-match a competitor’s lower written estimate.

Our promise to you: Happy Today or You Don’t Pay! Contact our team to get started.

Heating Services

We respond fast, any time of the day or night, to take care of heater repair. We know how important this is for your home in winter! We provide any other heating services you may require, including full furnace service, heating installation of a wide range of systems, boiler work, and regular heater maintenance. Ask about our Club Royal Program, which takes care of all your heating and air conditioning maintenance needs. Ace Plumbing and Heating will come through with the heating you need.

Air Conditioning Services

The summers in Langdon, AB can bring some warm days, and you’ll be thankful you called us for a great air conditioning installation. We’re familiar with many types of ACs, including the energy-saving super-quiet inverter AC models-a great choice for an AC replacement. Our staff is ready any time of the day or night to help with AC repair work so you won’t have to wait too long in the heat. Remember to sign up for regular air conditioning maintenance!

Plumbing in Langdon, AB

Don’t grab a toolbelt and a set of wrenches the next time you have emergency plumbing worries! It’s best to call on a professional plumber. And we have better than plumbers at Ace Plumbing and Heating: we have full service plumbing technicians who can handle any type of plumbing service you require. Leak detection, repiping, sump pump installation, kitchen and bathroom plumbing replacements, main water line work, and much more. You can always count on us for professional advice, opinions, and accurate estimates.

Drain & Sewer Services

Dealing with slow and clogged drains is the type of nuisance you’d probably love to have rid of for good. We can help you get close to that with our regular drain cleaning. And when you do have a serious clog, we can help you out in a pinch. For bigger concerns, such as trouble with a sewer line to your Langdon, AB home, we have the best technology for sewer cleaning and trenchless plumbing that won’t rip up your property.

Water Heater Services

A water heater in a home does work all around the year, and Ace Plumbing and Heating is ready all around the year to assist with water heater repair and any other service. (The same 24-hour a day emergency response!) If you are looking for a new water heater, we not only install standard storage tank water heater models, but also energy-efficient and space-saving tankless water heater models. We’ll help you make the choice that meets your needs for a water heater installation.

Water Treatment Systems

You deserve to have clean, pure water coming from the taps in your home. If you’re afraid that you aren’t, call us for water testing in Langdon, AB. We’ll provide you with results that will point out where you may need water treatment systems to remove chemicals, minerals, and other pollutants. We can provide professional advice about the water filtration system or water conditioners to provide you with clean water. Our technicians are also available to help repair and maintain these systems.

Indoor Air Quality Services

Ace Plumbing and Heating has seen plenty of homes with poor indoor air quality-and we’ve helped turn them around with our indoor air quality services. We can do this same job for you! You might need a powerful air filter, or a UV air purifier. What about a dehumidifier or humidifier for better comfort all around the year? These are among the many options we provide for homes. We do radon testing as well. It’s all part of keeping you comfortable and healthy in your home.