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Geraldine Alton's Profile Image
Geraldine Alton, 3+ years ago

Thank you Brian, I am impressed by your knowledge and professionalism and appreciate your honesty.

S Homik's Profile Image
S Homik, 3+ years ago
David Atchison's Profile Image
David Atchison, 3+ years ago

Great service had our annual inspection done on our systems.

Rayna Wallace's Profile Image
Rayna Wallace, 3+ years ago
Barb Madsen (Barb)'s Profile Image
Barb Madsen (Barb), 3+ years ago

Maintenance of my Rinnai instant hot water unit, and Nuvo water purifier. Inspection of my humidifier. Has an extremely pleasant time with Stephen and great service. Thorough and every step of the way explained to me.
Very clean and cautious in the age of Covid.
Thanks Ashley for keep on top of my reminders. And for getting service booked in just a few days.
Thanks so much for great service!

David Fermor's Profile Image
David Fermor, 3+ years ago
Ali Di Lello's Profile Image
Ali Di Lello, 3+ years ago

Very informative and knowledgeable.

Luke's Profile Image
Luke, 3+ years ago

Extremely professional and good service. On the expensive side.

John Hughes's Profile Image
John Hughes, 3+ years ago
Tanya Dordevic's Profile Image
Tanya Dordevic, 3+ years ago

The dispatcher was very nice and empathetic, which was nice because I was having a plumbing emergency and very stressed out. The technician was very professional and was very thorough in his explanation, and walked me through each step of the way (very transparent). I would call them again.

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