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Linda Coquet's Profile Image
Linda Coquet, 3+ years ago
Cindy Clark's Profile Image
Cindy Clark, 3+ years ago
Lowell Simpson's Profile Image
Lowell Simpson, 3+ years ago

Thank You for your friendliness and great service.

Peter Singleton's Profile Image
Peter Singleton, 3+ years ago

I had Ace Plumbing install a Toto washlet in my bathroom and am so glad I did. Everyone should get one. They are the best. And the plumber stayed well after 5:00 pm and made sure the job was finished. Great job!

J Roy's Profile Image
J Roy, 3+ years ago

We have been using Ace Plumbing for approximately 25 years. I have always found the service to be excellent, prompt and courteous. Repairs are done correctly the first time.

Karen Breton's Profile Image
Karen Breton, 3+ years ago

i was very pleased with the service and the job that was done. i would call them again for my next project.

raedjan's Profile Image
raedjan, 3+ years ago

Maybe this company is good for regular plumbing jobs, but my first HVAC experience with them was a drastically bad one. They couldn't meet their appointment frame (Scheduled at 2-4 PM and they came in at 7:30???).
I was complaining about my central AC loss of cooling performance. Their HVAC guru; Brian, visually inspected (did I mention, visually!!) my HVAC in-duct evaporator and he determined on the spot that it is corroded and require replacement, gas leak detection to be done and a 4-5 hours labor hours worth of work and to top it all, he entered the model/serial numbers of my condenser/compressor outdoor unit to determine that it is a 3.5 Ton when it is a 3.0 in reality and he didn't even considered the fact that the current refrigerant in my unit is the phased out R22. I ended up with two quotations (All documented), $3K approximately to replace the evaporator coil, gas leak detection and refrigerant recharge and a staggering $8K (yes, 8000 thousand dollars) to replace in kind the entire system or upgrade to 5 ton system (which is not required and way oversized system) with a cost of $10K.
When I checked the pricing of services around Calgary, Canada in general, the US and even Europe
(where this tech came from), the pricing that he gave me was not even related to reality.
Please shop around for a cost effective solution and have a second opinion from another company.
My last words is that I've had this central AC system replaced with the same size, with a total cost of $3.5K including an upgrade with a wireless remote controller.

BRENDA BARCLAY's Profile Image
BRENDA BARCLAY, 3+ years ago

All the staff I have dealt with over the years have been helpful, professional and well versed in all aspects of plumbing issues that arise offering and explaining options available (pros and cons) to allow you to make the best decision possible. They are trustworthy and dependable. The last problem I had required me to vacate my home. I was comfortable allowing them to make the decisions that were required to accomplish the job in the most efficient and cost effective manner. I had no hesitation in providing my key to allow access while the sewer work was being accomplished and I received no complaints from my neighbours once I came back home. It was nice to rely on the competent staff and know that Jack D. (owner) made time to come out and check on things. I have no qualms about recommending this company to handle any plumbing issues you may have. I have been a Diamond Club member for a number of years and can attest that it provides a number of benefits at a low cost. The free yearly inspection allows you to be aware of any plumbing issues whether you choose to deal with them now or in the future, you are given the information and options.

Austin Romeril's Profile Image
Austin Romeril, 3+ years ago

Geoff and Brian were a great help. They were friendly, transparent, and quick. I'll definitely be using Ace Plumbing again in the future.

Brian Melhoff's Profile Image
Brian Melhoff, 3+ years ago

We’ve been serving the Calgary area for over 45 years!

We’ve been serving the Calgary area for over 45 years!

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