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Dodie Bernard's Profile Image
Dodie Bernard, 3+ years ago

I called Ace for a problem with leaking hot water tap in the bathtub. Technician Bernie arrived at the time they said he would. In the process he discovered that the floor behind the toilet was "spongy" & assessed things with me. It turned out that I had a much more complicated issue than 1st thought. Bernie was professional and respectful and after his conversation with Jack DeVetten he was able to solve all the problems without a lot of extra expense. I highly recommend Ace to anyone who wants professional service carried out in a responsible way. I can't say enough for the service I received. The arrival time was exactly as they said and he didn't leave until all the work was done and all our questions were answered. Awesome company!

Margaret McPherson's Profile Image
Margaret McPherson, 3+ years ago

We had the best experience when Rick came to attend our plumbing problems- he was professional and his customer service was beyond our expectations. He did a very thorough job and was very helpful and patient in explaining everything he had done. We cannot say enough about his services and to top it off, he was very pleasant and a pleasure to have in our home !

Robert Padget's Profile Image
Robert Padget, 3+ years ago

A problem with the inducer motor in my furnace turned into a more complicated issue. It turned out that there was also a malfunction with a limit switch but in an effort to locate the problem, Ace replaced a number of other modules. In the end Ace charged me for the inducer motor but did not charge me for the other modules which they replaced! Their motto is "Happy day or you don't pay" and they lived up to that motto "in spades". The service man Brian Olsen was both professional and respectful and his conversations with Jack DeVetten resulted in a solution without a lot of extra expense. I'm a happy Diamond Club member and would recommend Ace to anyone who wants professional service with a responsible attitude. Awesome company!

Jon Hodal's Profile Image
Jon Hodal, 3+ years ago

Wow. You call Ace Plumbing. They tell you a price for the call and give you a time when they will come out. They show up at that time and charge you that price. Neat idea. Other service companies need to follow this plan. Shawn was in and done and my furnace is hot again. Love it!

Nigel M's Profile Image
Nigel M, 3+ years ago

Brian was great, Knowledgeable, quick and relatively clean. He's been here twice, the first time he unplugged the drains and recommended we get the Aquabright process and the second time was to do the Aquabright process.
Professional, and all the prices are up front so you know what youre signing up for!

Jean Brumwell's Profile Image
Jean Brumwell, 3+ years ago

Just a big thank you to Shawn and Dennis for unclogging the laundry room wash tub drain. I would have had a mini flood otherwise.
Any time I've used Ace Plumbing I've been very happy with their service.
Thank you
Jean Brumwell.

Harry Grieb's Profile Image
Harry Grieb, 3+ years ago

Hired Ace Plumbing to come up with a permanent year round solution to deal with an ongoing problem our family has had with the sump water being discharged throughout the winter. After numerous issues with freezing, power failure, blockage, breakage, etc. and talking to numerous companies that didn't show up, or weren't willing to tackle it, or proposed partial, temporary, or impractical solutions; Ace Plumbing came through with flying colours! They not only came up with the best solution but the implementation was superb and way above expectations. They managed or completed all aspects of the work from start to finish; including hiring other contractors (eg. electrical, concrete coring) and doing non- plumbing tasks (eg. hand dug trench & pit, landscaping with sod & grass seed, dirt & garbage disposal) without complaint. I found the professional and courteous staff and management to be accommodating and cooperative, even with last minute changes and requests. They showed up on time, did what they said they would do, cleaned up afterwards, treated our place like it was their own, and they even left our place in better shape than when they started. They also took care of the paperwork, addressed city bylaw compliance, and gave an up-front fixed quote that they stuck with; even though there were some significant changes to the scope of work. If you need a job well done for a fixed price, call Ace Plumbing.
Note: About 9 months after the installation, our sump water discharge froze up. I called Ace Plumbing for help and they responded almost immediately with a site visit and an adjustment to the original design that entailed a different temperature sensor c/w an internally mounted control panel that should resolve the problem. They did this additional (and mostly electrical ) work quickly, professionally and under warranty with no additional charge. This is a company that can be trusted!

D Zaharko's Profile Image
D Zaharko, 3+ years ago

After a disastrous encounter with a plumber who was hired to install my bathtub fixtures I called ACE Plumbing and Heating.
ACE was very prompt as they did some re-scheduling to accommodate my leaky tub situation.
Shawn Johnston arrived at my door fully prepared to do the repair, explained what the repair would entail and the cost. Shawn worked efficiently and did a great job!
I would recommend Shawn and ACE for your next plumbing job.

T K's Profile Image
T K, 3+ years ago

Rick from Ace has helped me out 3 times in the past month. Each time service was fantastic, they do a great job and guarantee their work! We had a water heater put in a few years ago by Ace and they still come every year to inspect it for free. They run their business how you expect a service company to run, top notch.

Mark Kuhn's Profile Image
Recommended by:
Mark Kuhn, 3+ years ago

Service was great. Arrived on time, conducted thorough walk through, was conscious of cost options and completed all the work, and then some! Brian was a true pro and would welcome his service and advise anytime.

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We’ve been serving the Calgary area for over 45 years!

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